Labour25 show their true paedophile colours in Liverpool

The Labour25 Party send in their UAF attack squad to protect 47 muslim paedophile grooming gang from Liverpool mums and dads.

Report by Sonia Wignall, Parents against paedophiles Wirral Branch.

The Zionist Labour Party has sent in it’s thugs against people protesting against a gang of 47 muslim paedophiles who have been gang raping British children as young as 10 years old. The muslim men who the Labour Party UAF thugs were protecting had done unspeakable paedophile acts upon children in Rochdale and Oldham in a paedophile ring that has been getting ignored by Labour Party MP Jack Straw for about 10 years. The UAF group were sponsored to attack the British people and Liverpudlian people who protested outside the Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts in Liverpool on Monday 6th February by Labour Council Leader Joe Anderson who is running for Lord Mayor. Please note that there are Four Lord Mayors from the Labour Party who have done everything paedophilic possible to children from indecent images of children in bondage, to raping children as young as six years old.

The people of Liverpool were disgusted at the UAF Labour Party thugs going on the attack to protect the 47 strong muslim paedophile gang, and now Labour or Labour25 as they are now known, have shown their true colours on Youtube and on camera. Nearly 400 Labour25 leaflets were handed out by people downloading them from this site according to the phone callers to this site. The overwhelming support and hits for this site have gone through the roof since last week after the guilty plea of the Labour Party Councillor Mark Burton also Known as the ‘Darlington Kiddy Fiddler’ the site has had to become a dot com rated website. Mark Burton won his re-election seat in Darlington, but when he threw his celebration party, he molested a school girl. The girl told her parents and they telephoned the police. Mark Burton was immediately arrested and his computer was also seized in the arrest. Labour Party Councillor Mark Burton had been downloading and distributing Thousands of images of children in bondage being abused by paedophiles… when he gets out of prison, the UAF Labour25 will be there to support him. The Liverpool Echo were told by Labour Party scumbags to keep the issue down due to the multicultural experiment with muslim paedophiles using British children as sex slaves. The Northern Echo newspaper was one of the only Newspapers with any guts to print the news on the Darlington Kiddy Fiddler, Labour25 listed Labour Councillor Mark Burton.

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10 Responses to Labour25 show their true paedophile colours in Liverpool

  1. supajohnny says:

    We have to end this Labour25 attack on our children. NOW!

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  7. siuan says:

    Ros Jones, Jules Pipe, Peter Soulsby, Steve Bullock, Joe Anderson, Robin Wales, Norma Redfearn, Ian Stewart, John Harrison, Mark Meredith, Ken Livingstone and Martin Winter. Which of these do you refer to?

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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