Father’s protest against a left wing paedophile supporter at her place of work just yards from where toddler James Bulger was abducted, abused and murdered.

Members of the Parents against paedophiles (P.A.P) stormed into the shop where Nikki McDonough was working to challenge the owners of the ‘Cash Shop’ which employed a paedophile supporter. In the early 1990’s toddler James Bulger was abducted and abused, then murdered just across the street in the Strand shopping center in Stanley Road Bootle. The angry parents were reacting to the setting up of a counter demonstration by miss McDonough and her union member boyfriend Phil Dickens who works just yards away in the Triad center also in Stanley Road Bootle. The pair of hard line left wing anarchists organised a violent demonstration against the people of Liverpool who objected to the abuse of countless young children in Rochdale by 9 convicted paedophiles. The ‘sick’ pair turned up with suspected members of a far left group known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) who thought paedophilia was ‘normal.’ Phil Dickens has strong links with the Labour Party, and many people wondered why he had not been tracked down earlier. He was spotted by a woman in McDonalds on Strand Road, Bootle Liverpool, after a woman recognised him when she and her husband were confronted by him for protesting against the paedophile gang outside Liverpool Crown Court. They then contacted Parents Against Paedophiles and this website. Two undercover investigators from the Labour25 investigation Wirral base team, went out to observe and found the ‘VILE’ pair working in Stanley Road.

A spokesperson for ‘Parents Against Paedophiles commented.. ‘’we can’t thank these people enough for finding this pair of paedophile supporters.’’ ‘’As good members of the public, they have gone well above their call of duty.’’ ‘’The public will now be made aware of these Two.’’ She added, ‘’There is also a case coming forward that Phil Dickens had touched a young lad at his place of work, bruising him and making him nervous.’’ ‘’We are waiting for information and other witnesses to come forward on this issue.’’ The Two have also got Labour links with Labours Harriet Harman once involved in PIE and also Ex Labour MP candidate Peter Tatchell, who said ‘Not all sex involving children is unwanted.’’ During the demonstration, onlookers went crazy at the shop who employed such a person as Nikki McDonough. One woman commented, ‘’What sort of woman would support paedophiles?’’ Another said, ‘’Her boyfriend is hiding up in the Triad center looking out of the window.’’ It was true, Phil Dickens was hiding several stories up but refused to come out even to protect his girlfriend from the angry Bootle crowd that now gathered in mass below. Police arrived and the protesters were given a loud cheer and clap by the paeople of Strand Road Bootle. ‘’There is no place for paedophile supporters in Bootle,’’ a group of young girls added.’’

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31 Responses to Father’s protest against a left wing paedophile supporter at her place of work just yards from where toddler James Bulger was abducted, abused and murdered.

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  2. phil says:

    You should find out were each and everyone of these perverted bastards work and give them the same treatment – https://labour25.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/paedos-are-welcome-here-pie1.jpg

  3. phil says:

    The whole of the left are perverted, Marxism is a Jewish scam.

  4. phil says:

    She should be tar and feathered.

  5. phil says:

    Phil Dickens and Nikki McDonough should be hung. These people are absolute filth.

  6. The police are investigating the wide spread abuse of our chidren..Labour 25 should be right at the top of their list..The problem is not confined to the care or( none care of the young.) People in the highest professions are guilty of having children DELIVERED!! to them for their sick pleasure. So lets keep it reall and do your jobs properly regardless of whoever they may be and whatever status they may hold.

  7. The police are looking for information into abused children all over the uk. I hope that they act, swiftly upon the information in this arcticle . I would also expect them to investegate the abusers who are in government and other top proffessions..Labour 25 would be a good starting point according to pakalert

  8. phil says:

    Teresa this is a great site for information

  9. Phil Dickens and Nikki Mcdonough … The cartoon version of Brady and Hindley.

  10. The cash store is on sranley road bootle where Nikki McDonough works and Phil Dickens works in the Triad centre on Stanley Road Bootle. They both live in Walton Liverpool. More information is on its way from my ‘mates’. Paedo supporting scum.

  11. Nikki Mcdonough (nicola) and phil dickens camping in the woods, I thought that ‘pouncers’ only camped in woods?

  12. having a nice glass of wine now.. had a long day working for REED in parnership today in the Triad Centre. sip sip !

  13. Phil Dickens is a Chubby Chaser !

  14. Bollocky Bill says:

    I hear she likes the occasional street dog whilst her partner is a lover of livestock!

  15. igraine42 says:

    Exactly right! Communism/Marxism IS a Jewish Zionist invention created by Karl Marx and Moses Hess. The idea was to con the working class with the myth of ‘equality’. The reality is to force everybody into equal poverty. Ask yourself who owns the government that allows these paedophiles into the country, or the media that shapes the perversion that these paedophiles soak up. Liberalism is veiled Communism and an excuse to clamp down on freedom.

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  17. Pru Halliwell says:

    God bless James Bulger!

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  20. oogenhand says:

    I am less hardcore on paedophiles than most here, but Phil Dickens should understand that Pakistanis would never allow British paedophiles access to Pakistani girls.

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  22. wain says:

    I have a family member who was abused by a paedophile. I hate them.
    What about the Barristers and solicitors who happily make fortunes out of defending Paedophiles.
    Take Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Manchester for instance. He has made a fortune defending kiddie fiddlers. Barton even brags in his CV that he obtained a non-custodial disposal with the minimum of fuss and publicity for the Labour Party’s main fundraiser in the City, after he was found with indecent images of children’.
    Barristers like Hugh Barton are in my opinion, not very nice people.

  23. justwayne says:

    I objected to the Paedophile friendly Barrister Hugh Barton working on behalf of the Public by sending this letter to Alison Saunders (DPP). Barrister Hugh Barton is not only Paedophile friendly, he is also corrupt. I have also asked Barrister Hugh Barton (in an email) to leave Manchester, go back to London and take his Paedophile loving and corrupt ways with him……

    Wayne XXXXXX
    XX XXX
    Alison Saunders
    Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge
    London SE1 9HS

    Thursday, 09 January 2014


    Dear Ms Saunders.

    Please pass this letter on to the relevant department.

    I am writing to register my objection to Barrister Hugh Barton of Lincoln House Manchester, being employed as a Public Prosecutor. The reason for my objection being that Barrister Hugh Barton is a provable liar.

    Early last year I paid Barrister Hugh Barton £480 to advise about the fact that on an occasion when I was detained by Greater Manchester Police, P.A.C.E was not implemented. The fact that P.A.C.E was not implemented made a related conviction unsafe. I presented Barrister Hugh Barton with clear indisputable evidence that when I was detained by GMP, P.A.C.E was not implemented. This evidence is in the form of GMP Documents which are clearly false. The said GMP documents make it appear that P.A.C.E was implemented when it clearly was not.

    Barrister Hugh Barton’s advice is as follows;

    • I cannot appeal against a related conviction based on the fact that P.A.C.E was not implemented because I am out of time. It is too late to make any appeal.
    • I do not have a claim for Misfeasance because Mr Barton cannot see any injury caused.
    • The fact that P.A.C.E was not implemented does not affect my related conviction.

    Based on the above advice, Barrister Hugh Barton is clearly a liar and is not fit to act on behalf of the Public. More disturbingly, Barrister Hugh Barton’s lies have been confirmed in writing as being ‘reasonable’ by Lincoln House Heads of Chambers and regular Prosecutors, Alistair Webster QC and Guy Gozem QC.

    I ask the CPS to reconsider employing Alistair Webster and Guy Gozem as Public prosecutors in the future, due to their written endorsement of Barrister Hugh Barton’s lies.

    I will do everything within my power to prevent Barrister Hugh Barton and Co’ from being paid Public monies to prosecute on behalf of the Public. I would contact any defendant(s) Barrister Hugh Barton may prosecute and present to them evidence that Barrister Hugh Barton is a liar. I am prepared to go to any necessary extremes.

    Barrister Hugh Barton is a provable liar and therefore he cannot be given any place within the Prosecution Service. To employ Barrister Hugh Barton using Public funds would not only be shocking, but this employ could lead to the collapse of an important case due to my protestations.

    I would regard any role within the Prosecution Service for Barrister Hugh Barton as a blatant insult to the Public and a detrimental risk to the Public Purse.

    Barrister Hugh Barton is linked to the disgraced ex solicitor, Andrew Dutton. Andrew Dutton recommended, arranged an appointment with, and forwarded documents to Barrister Hugh Barton.

    Barrister Hugh Barton has been publicly accused of ‘claiming Legal Aid with no intention of defending him’ by Donald Charles Nother [sic].

    Barrister Hugh Barton actively seeks business from Paedophiles with the promise of a discreet service. Barrister Hugh Barton has highlighted the fact that he got a Paedophile Labour MP through the courts with the minimum of fuss and publicity. I find Barrister Hugh Barton’s boast to be unsettling, and I believe that his boast could create conflict in the future.

    I believe that Barrister Hugh Barton has deliberately lied to shield GMP from accountability and may also have lied in order to secure more Prosecution work. Prosecution work on a par with Alistair Webster QC and Guy Gozem QC. However, I am looking into this further before I make any direct accusations.

    There can be no reward for a liar. I will do my utmost to prevent Barrister Hugh Barton benefiting from being a liar.

    Barrister Hugh Barton succeeded in confusing me with regard to his Note of Conference by referring to irrelevant issues. Issues which had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that, in Andrew Dutton’s own words, ‘I was not brought before a competent authority following detention in that my detention was not authorised by a custody officer following proper procedures’

    I expect you/the CPS to ignore my objection and related concerns and still employ this trio of liars. This will not prevent me from voicing my concerns and objections should this triage of deceit be employed on behalf of the Public. I can prove Barrister Hugh Barton is a liar. This is a fact.

    I have publicly and privately on more than one occasion referred to Barrister Hugh Barton as a liar and a police stooge. Mr Barton has yet to react. I intend to continue referring to Barrister Hugh Barton as a liar.

    Barrister Hugh Barton cannot be trusted. This is not a service or quality of advice issue. This is an integrity issue. Barrister Hugh Barton has charged me £480 for lies.

    Barrister Hugh Barton can never be allowed to represent the Public ever again. He is a high and cancerous risk to the public purse.

    I vehemently object to the use of Alistair Webster QC, Guy Gozem QC and Barrister Hugh Barton (The Triage of Deceit) as Public Prosecutors, for the reasons given.

    I will end by strongly suggesting that you do a risk assessment before you consider employing this dubious trio again. I suggest that you read all the correspondence (including emails and complaints) between me, Lincoln House and Bar Standards. I can assure you it is very intriguing correspondence. Correspondence, the like of which could be used in an appeal. An appeal based on the integrity of the Prosecution.

    Please heed my objections. They are well founded and genuine. I will simply not allow liars to jeopardise the Public Purse.

    I rest my case.


    Wayne XXXXXX

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