Labour25 + 41

Harriet Harman’s Paedophile Labour Party


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Labour 25 plus 41 total 66.

1. Labour Councillor & School Governor for child welfare Brian Gate. –

2. Labour Lord Mayor School teacher and Nursery School Governor Graham Pearson arrested for possession of child rape images.   –

3. Labour Councillor candidate & School Governor Richard Harris. –…

4. Labour Councillor & School teacher Ben Williams making 10 child porn images. –…

5. Labour Party Councillor Candidate & School Governor Paul Diggert. – http://www.manchestereveningne…

6. Labour Councillor and teacher at Cambridge House Boys Home in Rochdale Cyril Smith. ( before he joined Liberals he was Labour councillor ). –…

7. Labour Party organizer to Lord Mayor School teacher helper & Scout Leader Timothy Edmeades child rapist. –…

8. Labour Councillor & School Governor John Friary guilty of grooming a child for sex. –…

9. Labour Party Councillor & School Governor Keith Rogers making 2,000 child rape images. –…

10. Alec Dyer Atkins Labour Councillor & School Governor 2yrs for 42,000 images of child abuse. –…

11. Adrian Circet Labour Councillor & School Governor 3yr community order for child porn. –…

12. Steve Carnell Labour Councillor & School Governor found guilty of child porn. –…

13. Greg Vincent Labour Councillor & School Governor guilty of child pornography. –…

14. Nelson Bland Labour Councillor & School Teacher guilty of making child porn images. –…

15. Keith Potts Labour Party Councillor & School Governor guilty of Making Child porn images. –…

16. Labour Party Councillor John Johnson child porn. –

17. Labour MP Candidate Manish Sood offering school children money for sex. –

18. Labour Party Activist Mark Tann raping 2 little girls who knew the Blair’s. –

19. Labour Party Adviser to Hazel Blears, Peter Tuffley. Kidnapped a child for sex. –

20. Mark Trotter Labour Activist for Two Labour Council’s Liverpool and Hackney raping kids with AIDS. –

21. Labour Councillor Candidate Ian Rankin Guilty of making horrific child porn movies. –

22. Labour Adviser Tim Russo convicted paedophile child abuser. –

23. Phillip Lyon, Aid to Tony Bair making child pornography. –

24. Labour Council Leader Willie Smith arrested over a child pornography issue. –

25. Labour Party Spin Doctor Samuel Gamlin making child pornography. –

26. Labour representative for London mayor Ken Livingston on the GLA Yusef Azad arrested on child porn charges. –

27. Labour Councillor & School teacher Darren Pedley arrested by police on child porn charges. –

28. Susan Smith Labour Councillor Lambeth London 18 months in prison for raping a minor in her transvestite lovers flat. –

29. Sam Chaudhry Labour Lord Mayor sent to prison for multiple molestation on children as young as 5 yrs old. –

30. Nicholas Green Labour Lord Mayor 10 yrs prison for rape and molestation of 3 children aged 6 to 10 yrs old. –

31. Alan Prescott Labour Councillor & Senior Magistrate 2 yrs prison for molesting children in care. –

32. Gilbert Benn Labour Councillor 5yrs prison for molesting an 11yr old boy. –

33. Iestyn Tudor Davies Labour Councillor 7yrs prison for raping a 9yr old girl in South Wales. –

34. Les Sheppard Labour Councillor 10yrs for molesting three young girls in County Durham. –

35. Martyn Locklin Labour Councillor 12 yrs prison for 8 counts of rape and sex assaults on 3 young boys. –

36. David Spooner Labour Councillor 12 months prison for indecency in front of Two children. –

37. Neil Redrup Labour Councillor 4 months for using a spy camera to film a child on his toilet. –

38. Mark Burton Labour Councillor Molesting a girl and child abuse images on his computer. –

39. Liam Temple Labour Lord Mayor guilty of inciting a child into gross indecency for money. –

40. Stewart Brown Labour Lord Mayor guilty of distributing sickening images of child abuse. –

41. Toren Smith Labour Party Councillor Guilty of over 90,000 images of children being abused. –

42. Joseph Shaw Labour Councillor child abuse images. –

43. Johnathan Phillips Labour Councillor found guilty of child porn on his memory stick. –

44. Lee Benson Labour Party Councillor found guilty of Child pornography images. –

45. Labour County Councillor Raymond Coates child abuser. –

46. Labour Party Parish Councillor Graham White guilty filming a child doing sick acts. –

47. Labour Lord Mayor John Murray sexual assault on a 13 yr old girl. –

48. Labour Party Council nominee Michael Tombs School Governor child porn & Grooming. –

49. Homosexual Labour party chairman of Stanley Town council Peter McLaughlin, admitted raping a schoolboy. –

50. Homosexual Labour Party Councillor in Dagenham, London Terry Power arrested and charged with raping homeless children.

51. Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council Malcolm Ford gets 15 years prison for child rape.

52. Labour party paedophile election agent Andrew Palmer –

53. Marxist Bury Labour Party councillor Simon Carter charged with 16 counts of making rape images of children. –

54. Ex- Labour party councillor Jonathan Burns arrested for molesting a child. –

55. Thurrock Labour councillor Terry Brookes arrested on suspicion of possession of child porn. –

56. Labour councillor Richard Smith faces prison after confessing to child pornogrophy offenses. –

57. Manchester Labour Party councillor David Royle arrested on suspicion of child rape. –

58. Homosexual Labour party member and former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) Tom O’Carroll was sentenced to two years in jail in 1981 for “conspiracy to corrupt public morals” after police had seized more than a quarter of a ton of child abuse images. Some showed pictures of a man raping a one-year-old boy. In 2006 he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for distributing child rape images. The BBC reported: ‘Children, mainly boys and some as young as six, had been filmed and photographed being raped and tortured.’

59. LABOUR party councillor DAVID FAGAN was arrested and charged in September 2016 with possessing a hoard of child rape images. –

60. Hull Labour party councillor Steven Bayes has been charged with making and hoarding rape images of children. –

61. Drug dealing Labour party councillor Tom Neilson, 33 was caught with thousands of rape images of children some involving sex with animals. He was given a three-year community order with a requirement to undergo an internet sex offender programme and carry out 180 hours of unpaid work. –

62. Moray Labour party councillor Sean Morton, 35, faces four criminal charges including photographing and distributing rape images of children some with animals. –

63. Leeds Labour lord Mayor Neil Taggart was jailed for 32 months for downloading and distributing child pornogrophy. Images featured children being sexually abused by adults – including children under five being violently raped. Police also found 30 extreme images depicting sexual activity with animals. –

64. Dudley Labour councillor Derrick Hemingsley charged with taking pornographic pictures of a child. –

65. UNISON branch secretary & Exeter Labour City councillor Roger Spackman, 47, was arrested at a home address in Newtown for making pornographic photographs of children. –

66. Labour Party shadow minister Eric Joyce was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register after admitting to making a sex movie with a one-year-old child. –