Liverpool’s Labour Party Lord Mayor Joe Anderson rooting for pie?

Labour Party Councillor & School teacher Ben Williams gets a tip off from Labour Mayor Joe Anderson & Deletes 207 files from his computer the day before the section 47 police raid a jury at Liverpool Court heard Ben Williams admit.

                       REPORTED BY THE LIVERPOOL ECHO

Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History & Politics teacher in King George the V school in Southport. Once again we see Labour party councillors applying for jobs to be near children, whether it be School teachers or school governors, to Barnardos and even the NSPCC and child care home workers for the vulnerable. 

Ben Williams from the Clubmoor constituency area of Liverpool had been found to have the words ‘Lolita’ and  ‘Child Porn’ typed into school computers he logged onto with his personal pass key, when a group of IT teachers who were protecting children at King George V school noticed the entries by Labour Councillor Ben Williams on  computers he had logged into. Ben Williams, although his home was raided and 8 computers were seized, found himself let off by a jury who could not come to a decision for the Second time. The judged added that he did not want to have another trial. 

Labour Councillor Ben Williams admitted that Joe Anderson had told him the day before his arrest and raid at his house, that a section 47 investigation was underway. This means that Merseyside Police informed Labour Council leader & Liverpool Lord Mayor  Joe Anderson,  who then tipped off Ben Williams, who then deleted the evidence before the police ‘Raid.’

207 files were destroyed by Ben Williams.. if they were innocent.. why did he need to delete them? 

The link above confirms the truth… Joe Anderson is a Paedophile supporter… but who was it from King George V school that informed the Police, and who was the police officer who informed Joe Anderson? Who allowed a second trial without convicting Ben Williams? The smoke was there but the fire was well put out. If Ben Williams was ‘not guilty’ then why did Joe Anderson not give him his job back? Why did King George V school not give Ben Williams his old job back? 

Joe ‘207’ Anderson should have been arrested immediately when this report came to the Labour25 website. He should be tried for obstructing the course of justice and his Mayoral title removed. The paedophile filth of the Labour Party continues but more and more are being hunted down including other paedophile supporters that supported muslim grooming gangs in Liverpool who were members of the state set up ‘Occupy movement’ and the UAF communist movement for the Labour Party.

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24 Responses to Liverpool’s Labour Party Lord Mayor Joe Anderson rooting for pie?


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  2. bnp scum says:

    I can’t believe it, everything on this site checks out. This is an absolute shock!!!

  3. John says:

    Gerard Woodhouse, Walton counsellor has a criminal record for fraud. He was in the Liverpool echo. Mr Gerard Woodhouse also sexually abused a 15 year old boy while he was working as a carer in a children’s home. Mr Woodhouse was also sacked from his job while working for the railway for smoking on a train. Mr Woodhouse also head butted a child whilsed working in a children’s home in Huyton Liverpool. He resigned after the incident and the young boy was too scared to give evidence. Mr Woodhouse is walking around the Walton area giving leaflets out and know one knows about his sleazy past, well they do now. He should not be working with children,let alone be a member of parliament. Let’s get him off our streets.

    • Andrew Wyatt says:

      Bob Drabwell his chum from Falmouth changed his name to Bob Bailey.
      They have many friends in high places…………

    • fran says:

      Hi.very interesting comment about are law abiding trustworthy did you find out that information.councilor Woodhouse is a vile bully.who should not be in the position he is in .

  4. peter thicko says:

    Well done the Labour25 team!

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  6. Kid McCoy says:

    FWIW, Williams attended De La Salle school in Croxteth.

    Several students from his year were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Christian Brothers/teachers at the school, several of whom were convicted in, IIRC, mid 1990s.

    I do remember the case being covered in the local press, albeit lightly, and cannot for the life of me find any mention of these events online…
    Maybe my vague memories aren’t helping. I do remember there was a Brother Paul, and a Mr. (Paul?) Leonard. Any help would be appreciated.

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  10. Don Turner says:

    Paedophile Bob Drabwell changed his name to Bailey. He has some very influential friends in Cornwall and elsewhere. These paedophiles believe that they are above the law.

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  12. Clive says:

    Bob Drabwell is well known in Falmouth and Truro. He was a member of the Azimuth Trust in Cornwall and changed his name to Bob Bailey. He is a management committee member of the Carrick Over 50;s Forum, with Nigel Hudson, Ron Swade, Judith Whiteley and others, all of who have interesting records.

  13. Dave Carter says:

    See photo of Bob Bailey alias Bob Drabwell on the internet. He’s well known in Falmouth!

  14. Alan says:

    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s activities include a ‘dogging’ group who meet throughout Cornwall.
    Not all members of the forum are aware of what goes on behind the scenes.
    The Carrick Over 50’s forum receives financial backing from some irespectable sources who are blissfully unaware of some of its activities.
    The inner circle of this forum are outwardly respectable people, but their activities are far from respectable.

  15. Robin says:

    The Azimuth Trust involved many more individuals than is generally known, including at least one woman magistrate who was also a Dorset councillor and who served on the Police Committee on the County Council. A very powerful female who is still involved in Dorset Liberal Democrats.

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  21. Dave1 says:

    Mayor Joe Anderson
    30 Greenfield Road
    Liverpool L13 3BN

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