O’Rouke’s sickening mind.

It took Parents against paedophiles 12 months to get this Labour Party paedophile supporter removed from office and they did it ! 

It’s all over the news ..

Labour Councillor William O’Rouke finaly gets suspended after Labour pressure from Parents against paedophiles, after saying about a 9yr old girl being raped ‘Did she want it to happen?’’ The Labour councillor who could well find himself sacked after being suspended after saying dispicable comments about the case in a personnel appeals committee meeting in which he was the chairman last February.

Activists from Parents against paedophiles spread the word by contacting this website and sending letters to newspapers and other media sources, some as far as Australia. This year has seen Labour Party involvement of supporting paedophile activities in Britain by sending in the Unite against Facism paedophile supporting gang at a demonstration against the child molestation of children in a Liverpool Crown Court on February the 10th 2012. The organisers against the parents of the children were supported by Labour Party Councillor Joe Anderson Liverpool City Council Leader. William O’Rouke was charged by a disciplinary inquiry last march for bringing the Labour Party into disrepute…

I wonder if the disciplinary inquiry has seen this Labour25.com website? William O’Rouke has also been sacked from his other jobs.. The Strathclyde Police Authority & 2 other Council owned companies!!

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