And Tango Makes Three…

A fuzzy introduction to gay ‘relationships’ labour style

Apparently this is the ‘story’ of a real event. ‘Roy’ and ‘Silo’ are in fact two male penguins who reside at Central Park Zoo. Just like human homosexuality in VERY rare cases it features in the animal kingdom. An oddity, it is possible that the zoos ranger did give a fertile egg to the ‘couple’ in the hope that it would hatch. It is only in the minds of sick Marxist that this would be turned into a story book for children.

The Labour party introduced explicit sex education when they were in government and currently this book is being read in primary schools in Britain to promote homosexuality. Children as young as 5 years old are being told that this is ‘normal’ behaviour’. The book may be in the process of being banned in many countries including America but it is still being used in this country to pervert OUR innocents. There are several other books as well as puppets and phallic symbols that the Marxist Labour syllabus encourages. For example does your 5 year old ask questions like this. In a Telegraph report Unesco stated that “Five year-olds should be taught about sex so they can ‘ask questions or report abuse’”.

Far more likely is that the plethora of paedophiles filling the ranks of the Labour Party wish to prime our young or their pleasure. Peter Tatchell a prominent gay rights activists and ex-Labour member like Harman has called for the abolishment of the age of consent. Tatchell states that “not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful”. Are these really the sorts of people we want NEAR our children let alone deciding how to care for and educate them.

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