Peter Prendiville: Labour Westminster election candidate admits making indecent images of children.

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundPeter PrendivilleA teacher who stood for the Social Democratic Labour party in the Westminster election of 1983 has pleaded guilty to making and possessing rape images of children.

Peter Prendiville, from Craigdarragh Park in Holywood, County Down, used to teach maths.

The 60-year-old also stood as a Belfast City Council candidate for the Social Democratic Labour Party.

Prendiville has been ordered to sign the S.

Appearing before Downpatrick Crown Court in County Down, he admitted making pornographic images of children on dates between February 2007 and July 2010.

While many of the titles of the images are too graphic to repeat, one charge relates to Prendiville possessing 1,921 pornographic underage images along with a video of violent child rape lasting just over 15 minutes.

His lawyer told the court there were “ongoing discussions” between the prosecution and defence regarding the “charges and categorisation” of the images involved in some of the charges.

No facts of the case were opened during Tuesday’s hearing, but the judge said that given the accused’s guilty pleas to the charges, he must sign the police sex offenders register as a bail condition.

Prendiville was then released on continuing bail.

Prendiville represented the Social Democratic Labour Party in the east Belfast constituency during the 1983 Westminster election.

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Labour Party election agent jailed a third time for paedophilia

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundLabour Party Paedophile Andrew PalmerA paedophile Labour party election agent was sent to prison for a third time.

Andrew Palmer (52) was sentenced to 20 months in jail after twice breaching a sexual offences prevention order and a community order.

Palmer, who was an Labour electoral agent for Peterborough City Council nominees, had twice spent time behind bars for possessing rape images of children.

The second offence took place in 2007 and earned him eight months in prison.

PIE EnablersPalmer had been the agent in the 2012 council elections for Labour group leader Nazim Khan as well as Jo Johnson and John Richard Knowles.

Labour party paedophile Andrew Palmer with his Labour friendsCraig McDougall, prosecuting, said that the police had given Palmer the highest rating for a sexual offender.

He added: “The local constabulary have significant concerns about him.”

The sexual offences prevention order he had breached was handed out in October 2014, for breaching a previous order, and prevented him from spending unsupervised contact with children.

The first breach occurred on December 29 when he paid an unexpected visit to a house where a young child lived.

The second breach was on February 2, 2015 when police arrested him and he admitted to having deleted messages from a phone messaging application called WhatsApp.

It was thought the content may have been sexually explicit.

He had pleaded guilty to the charges on February 10 and was sentenced on the 18th at Peterborough Crown Court.

Sentencing Palmer, Judge Peter Murphy said: “It seems clear to me that you were aware from the end of October that not only you were barred from certain activity on the internet, but not to have unsupervised contact with young children without informing a parent or guardian of previous convictions.

“You turned up under cover of working with a housing association. You had several phones with you and the implication was clear.

“On the second count, there is not much information on what was deleted on your phone.

“But a previous matter indicated you have a clear interest in paedophilia and and the pornographic images of young children.”

Describing Palmer as a  danger to the public, Judge Murphy added: “It’s quite clear your offences were a calculated defiance of court orders.”

Palmer received eight months in prison for both of the two breaches of the sexual offenses prevention order which will run consecutively.

Labour Party Paedophile Andrew Palmer & FriendsFor his breach of a community order, which was handed to him last year, he received an additional four months.

In total, Palmer had seven previous convictions for 13 offences, the first of which was for indecent assault in 1979.

The mother involved in the court case said: “I wish he had got longer. I was shocked. We knew nothing.”

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Who’s a registered Paedophile

Pete TownshendLabour25 logo with transparent backgroundIn 2003 Peter Dennis Blandford “PeteTownshend, known principally as the guitarist and songwriter for the rock group the Who, was cautioned by British police as part of Operation Ore, a major investigation on child pornography conducted in 2002–2003. Townshend was placed on the sex offenders register for five years in 2003 after admitting he had accessed a website for child porn four years earlier. In a 1989 interview with radio host Timothy White, Townshend acknowledged his bisexuality, referencing the song “Rough Boys” on his 1980 album, Empty Glass. He called the song a “coming out, an acknowledgment of the fact that “I’d had a gay life, and that I understood what gay sex was about”. It is no surprise therefore that in 1998, Townshend was named in a list of the biggest private financial donors to the The PIE ManUK Labour Party and like many labour politicians joined the Young Communist League (UK) whilst still in college. In fact Townshend was a prominent figure in the 1966 Communist “Trend” recruitment campaign. In a 1974 interview he stated that in practice he was a capitalist rewarded well for his work but his ideals were communist. On several other occasions Townsend has identified himself to the press as a Communist. PaedopheniaeTownshend’s career with the Who and as a soloist spans 50 years, during which time the band grew to be considered one of the most influential bands of the 1960s and 1970s, while he alone is not insignificant to the entertainment world. It is ludicrous to believe that the perversion exhibited by such celebrities as Townshend is spontaneous. He is established and supported by the same Marxist regime that provides Sex education Material for five year oldspornographic materials to primary schools and during the past 50 years Townshend has publicly flaunted his perversion. Perhaps this sick society has finally achieved what the homosexual The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) inquiryMichael Hanson desired when he founded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in 1974 making the rape of little children acceptable to mainstream. After all one has yet to hear a public outcry.

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Jewish Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council Malcolm Ford gets 15 years prison for child rape.

Malcolm FordLabour25 logo with transparent backgroundJewish Labour Paedophile councillor and Head teacher Malcolm Ford, 66, raped the youngster repeatedly over a period of three years, a court heard.

A former head teacher who raped a young girl has been jailed for 15 years. Malcolm Ford, 66, raped the youngster repeatedly over a period of three years, a court heard.

A judge said the pervert clearly got ‘excitement’ from power and control over his victim. Malcom Ford, who at the time of the offenses was head of the Heys Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne, admitted four counts of rape on the child.

He vehemently denied the rape charges –  and denied ever touching her. But a jury at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court found him guilty of all four counts of child rape. Prosecutors told how Malcolm Ford, who lived in Ashton, at the time, had begun by fondling the child. He later went on to rape her repeatedly.

Guy Mathieson, prosecuting, earlier told the jury how the four counts of rape represented many attacks over a long period of time. Malcolm Ford, now of Bell Street, Southport, told the jury the girl had lied about the rapes and exaggerated everything else, but they rejected his claims and found him guilty.

The court heard he was in the teaching profession for 29 years, chair of the board of governors and a Labour party district councillor who represented Skelmersdale for West Lancashire. Malcom Ford was banned from working with children for life and must sign the sex offenders register. He

received a 15yr jail sentence.

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Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundPeter McLaughlinHomosexual Labour party chairman of Stanley Town Council and former coach driver who lived in Carlisle has admitted raping a schoolboy.

Peter McLaughlin, 61, entered his guilty pleas on the day that he was due to start a trial at Carlisle Crown Court over 15 similar allegations of abusing the boy.

Until today, he had denied any wrongdoing, but he finally admitted twice sexualy molesting the boy when his victim was much younger.

An earlier hearing had heard how McLaughlin committed the offences in the 1990s when he lived in the Greystone Road area of Carlisle.

The court heard that the defendant deliberately befriended his victim at a time when he worked as a driver for Redcrest Holidays, travelling all over Britain and Europe.

In court today, prosecutor Kim Whittlestone outlined how the allegations have already been scrutinised during two trials.

After the first, the jury were unable to reach a verdict while in the most recent trial the illness of a juror led to the case being abandoned.

The decision to accept the two guilty please offered was reached after detailed consultation with the victim, who otherwise would have faced the prospect of testifying for a third time.

As a result of the guilty pleas, Judge Peter Hughes QC ordered that McLaughlin, now living Murray Park, Stanley, County Durham, should sign the Sex Offenders’ Register. The period of time he will be on the register will be determined by the sentence that is ultimately imposed.

The judge also made the defendant subject to an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which severely restricts his future contact with any child.

Referring to the victim’s decision to accept the guilty pleas, Miss Whittlestone added: “He wants to ensure that this doesn’t happen again – hence the Sexual Offences Prevention Order.”

Judge Hughes granted McLaughlin bail until the sentencing hearing on January 2 so that background reports can be prepared. He added that he will be considering all sentencing options.

In court today, Mr McLaughlin showed little emotion, speaking only to confirm his name and to enter his pleas.

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In a public poll 99.8% of people stated that they would NOT pay for rapists and murders to ‘teach’ children.

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundA tabloid headline perhaps for surely that would be the reaction of every concerned citizen. Yet catching the public unaware has become the nature of the Governmental game. The Labour Party’s introduction of ‘sex education’ to the school curriculum has seen teen pregnancy boom and is now Sex education Material for five year oldsset to groom children as young as 5. It has now come to light that local Government under the control of the likes Joe Anderson rooting for PIE?of paedophile protector Labour Mayor Joe Anderson actually prefers rapists and murders ‘teaching’ children.

Council tax bill & WarningThe bulk sum of the Council Tax Bill is concentrated around the local council. While ‘your’ local council does provide public maintenance and refuse removal a significant area of its remit is child services. This is in terms of providing staffing and resources to child care facilities, schools and libraries. It is critical to note that these resources are sanctioned by the same Government of Labour Paedophile protector Mayor Joe Anderson. So in the children’s section of library’s And tango makes three videoyou are likely to find books about Homosexual penguins and in primary schools highly sexualised books explaining how an orgasm is just like being tickled.

In the interests of transparency the ‘services’ we the public are paying for should be detailed in much the same way a telephone company is able to list the calls made from a customer’s telephone number. Here should a phone number appear on a customer’s bill that does not correspond with that customers habits it can be queried with the phone company. Nevertheless, most Council Tax bills will no doubt look similar to the one featured. A true portrayal of a council tax bill however would follow the guide lines portrayed and would look something like the one below-:

Council Tax Bill 2013/14

Breakdown of Annual Charge for Band

Labour %22it's ok to have sex with 10yoIntroducing sex education into the school curriculum and teaching perversion through ‘tolerance’ that has massively increased teen pregnancy, devalued femininity and morally corrupted ethnic Europe.


Lesbian Paedophile TeacherIntroducing sex, homosexuality and the use of paedophilic teachers in the classroom to confused children purposely damaging their natural sexual identity.


European Gene PoolUsing imported coloured nations to infuriate ethnic Britons with council provided support and advice to their communities through specialist teaching, bilingual assistance, training and achievement projects


Thought PoliceUnder the guise of the ‘Police authority’ maintaining a private army on British soil to terrorise the public and protect the position of the Government at any level.


Of course if a council tax bill like this appeared in letter boxes the responses from the public SHOULD be much different. Would not they at least contest PAYING for the corruption of Europe for it would show in no uncertain terms that it was the Government who was at least the enemy in Britain. Naturally all educators are not monsters that prey on children. Indeed one suspects that most are violently opposed to sexual perversion invading schools. However, passive resistance merely equates with cowardice and achieves nothing. With the reality clear that the Zionist Government itself is the root of corruption it can only be opposed by a unified public front.

Planned Parenthood Hooking Kids on SexTo conclude the Government wants perverted rapists and murderers to ‘teach’ our children and is angered when the public refuses to pay for the ‘services’ of these paedophilic teachers and Councillors. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE DEFILEMENT AND MURDER OF YOUR CHILDREN.

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Carrying the can.

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundJames PurnellChild rape images on the chairman of Labour friends of Israel & Freemason James Purnell’s computer.

Convicted paedophile Labour Labour Councillor Paul DiggettCouncillor Paul Diggett, political researcher to Labour’s James Purnell

who allowed the Paul Diggett to download images of children being raped. Paul Diggett was not only a Labour man but worked as a School governor, the favourite job for PIE affiliates.

Questions arose to why anybody would allow another person to use their computer, let alone to download Child Pornography on it. It is unsure how long the images had been getting downloaded but the questions the deliberate incompetant police never asked was why Paul Diggert did not delete the images, knowing that his Labour comrade would easily be able to see them.

Freemason and Labour friend of Israel James Purnell was questioned about the Child rape images but was never to be charged although the images had been left on his computer. Paul Diggett carried the can for Purnell when both men should have been charged with possesion of child pornogrophy.

James Purnell is now the BBC’s director of Strategy.

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