Labour Party election agent jailed a third time for paedophilia

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundLabour Party Paedophile Andrew PalmerA paedophile Labour party election agent was sent to prison for a third time.

Andrew Palmer (52) was sentenced to 20 months in jail after twice breaching a sexual offences prevention order and a community order.

Palmer, who was an Labour electoral agent for Peterborough City Council nominees, had twice spent time behind bars for possessing rape images of children.

The second offence took place in 2007 and earned him eight months in prison.

PIE EnablersPalmer had been the agent in the 2012 council elections for Labour group leader Nazim Khan as well as Jo Johnson and John Richard Knowles.

Labour party paedophile Andrew Palmer with his Labour friendsCraig McDougall, prosecuting, said that the police had given Palmer the highest rating for a sexual offender.

He added: “The local constabulary have significant concerns about him.”

The sexual offences prevention order he had breached was handed out in October 2014, for breaching a previous order, and prevented him from spending unsupervised contact with children.

The first breach occurred on December 29 when he paid an unexpected visit to a house where a young child lived.

The second breach was on February 2, 2015 when police arrested him and he admitted to having deleted messages from a phone messaging application called WhatsApp.

It was thought the content may have been sexually explicit.

He had pleaded guilty to the charges on February 10 and was sentenced on the 18th at Peterborough Crown Court.

Sentencing Palmer, Judge Peter Murphy said: “It seems clear to me that you were aware from the end of October that not only you were barred from certain activity on the internet, but not to have unsupervised contact with young children without informing a parent or guardian of previous convictions.

“You turned up under cover of working with a housing association. You had several phones with you and the implication was clear.

“On the second count, there is not much information on what was deleted on your phone.

“But a previous matter indicated you have a clear interest in paedophilia and and the pornographic images of young children.”

Describing Palmer as a  danger to the public, Judge Murphy added: “It’s quite clear your offences were a calculated defiance of court orders.”

Palmer received eight months in prison for both of the two breaches of the sexual offenses prevention order which will run consecutively.

Labour Party Paedophile Andrew Palmer & FriendsFor his breach of a community order, which was handed to him last year, he received an additional four months.

In total, Palmer had seven previous convictions for 13 offences, the first of which was for indecent assault in 1979.

The mother involved in the court case said: “I wish he had got longer. I was shocked. We knew nothing.”

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15 Responses to Labour Party election agent jailed a third time for paedophilia

  1. DAVE says:

    Surely it is time now for a full investigation of the Labour party? How can it possibly be that so many people connected to this party be connected to paedophilia, we owe it to the innocents.

  2. sheilamanx says:

    More Zionist beasts.

  3. Michael Flanagan says:

    Harman & Partner both Paedophile sympathisers where they involved at Rotherham?

  4. Mark Graham says:

    * I shall certainly share this! The labourites are hard boiled paedophiles!*

  5. walsall4ever says:

    What do u expect from labour other than this?

  6. triciLondon says:


  7. ged213 says:

    Can’t f believe this.. Its never ending. Why don’t the cops do something, for f sake.

  8. ivebeentotexas1965 says:

    If they we’re my kids they be sorry. They need a bat to the knees. This bastard needs putting on a bonfire.

  9. mumof3 says:

    So sad it upsets me. Long sentence not given again.

  10. zeppfan28 says:

    They should raid all Labour peoples phones and computers I bet there’s loads of bad shit going on here.

  11. takethispeeps92 says:

    Not another one. They are all beasts.

  12. Dave1 says:

    There’s also Johnson the former Labour Deputy Mayor of Peterborough done for the same type offence a few years back.

  13. insider says:

    As a Labour party member in Peterborough, I can confirm that everyone inside the Labour party knew about Andrew Palmer’s previous offenses. There is nothing wrong with giving someone a second chance!

  14. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  15. DAVE says:


    this site needs to be spread far and wide to stop these dirty child molesting pervs in their tracks.

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