Deputy Labour party leader Tom Watson’s paedophile uncle

Tom Watson & Jeremy corbyn Paedophile futureLabour25 logo with transparent backgroundIt has now been revealed that Deputy Labour Party leader Tom Watson, an intriguing choice given that the current Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn seems sympathetic to perpetrators of child sex crimes, is related to a convicted paedophilic scoutmaster.

Tom Watson & His Paedophile Uncle Peter HalliwellMr Watson’s homosexual uncle, Peter Halliwell (78) of Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, was jailed last March for the rape of a nine-year-old boy that took place in the mid 1960’s when he was a scout leader in the Manchester area.

At that time, Steve Hoolohan the Senior District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West only comment on this heinous crime was: “Peter Halliwell used his role as a scout leader to target a young boy in his care. This was a gross abuse of his position of trust in the Scouts and in the local community whereby he persistently exploited the boy for his own gratification.”

It was Labour MP Tom Watson who first tried to manage the very real Westminster paedophile scandal in October 2012, when he told the Commons that he had evidence of a child abuse ring with links to parliament and Downing Street. It is also possible that Tom Watson may have made some bogus paedophile accusations against certain politicians in order to damage the credibility of the paedophile investigation. In fact critics have claimed that Watson has used his campaign to keep the scandal pointing to The one party statethe publicly perceived ‘right’ of the political spectrum. Indeed his name was conspicuously absent from a list of signatories calling for action against homosexual Jewish Labour peer Greville Janner in April 2015.

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10 Responses to Deputy Labour party leader Tom Watson’s paedophile uncle

  1. Ryan neil says:

    OMG ! Watson stood up against this and it runs in the family !

  2. mightymouse21 says:

    Didn’t this guy for labour spout off about Cyril Smith being Liberal? My dads from Rochdale and he said Cyril Smith was the Labour councillor first when he did those homosexual things to little boys.

  3. Girlwithnoname says:

    There was a group of gay men where I lived in the North East and they were always chasing boys about 13 yrs old or less. Only 1 out of the 4 got convicted but 4 out of 4 were beasts.

    • StevieClarko75 says:

      We had the same problem in the block of tenaments we grew up in Birkenhead. My brother and I were constantly chased by 2 homosexuals for 4 years until we moved in nana’s house. Finally we got some peace.

      • henryandclaire says:

        This post is right.. these homosexuals come in packs after kids. Passing themselves off in the paper n tv as decent folk. Disgusting.

  4. Dave1 says:

    Watson has often been seen smirking in the Commons in the last few years since his attempts to draw attention away from Labour party paedophiles and this wipes that smirk right off.

  5. The Grumbler says:

    I came here looking for The Truth about child abuse and i wasn’t disappointed. Thanks guys!

  6. Marisa says:

    This author is completely right when he says there is a connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. They are closely related. As for Corbyn, there is evidence that suggests he is sympathetic to paedophiles. Margaret Hodges also covered up paedophilia and then had to compensate the victim and there is something very fishy about the Labour party Trotskyite Tom Watson, it doesn’t surprise me that his uncle turned out to be a paedophile.

  7. Stoke Bloke says:

    Can you guys please look into the newly elected MP for Stoke Central Gareth Snell? People are saying he is a paedophile.

    Thanks, A Stoke Resident.

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