Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundPeter McLaughlinHomosexual Labour party chairman of Stanley Town Council and former coach driver who lived in Carlisle has admitted raping a schoolboy.

Peter McLaughlin, 61, entered his guilty pleas on the day that he was due to start a trial at Carlisle Crown Court over 15 similar allegations of abusing the boy.

Until today, he had denied any wrongdoing, but he finally admitted twice sexualy molesting the boy when his victim was much younger.

An earlier hearing had heard how McLaughlin committed the offences in the 1990s when he lived in the Greystone Road area of Carlisle.

The court heard that the defendant deliberately befriended his victim at a time when he worked as a driver for Redcrest Holidays, travelling all over Britain and Europe.

In court today, prosecutor Kim Whittlestone outlined how the allegations have already been scrutinised during two trials.

After the first, the jury were unable to reach a verdict while in the most recent trial the illness of a juror led to the case being abandoned.

The decision to accept the two guilty please offered was reached after detailed consultation with the victim, who otherwise would have faced the prospect of testifying for a third time.

As a result of the guilty pleas, Judge Peter Hughes QC ordered that McLaughlin, now living Murray Park, Stanley, County Durham, should sign the Sex Offenders’ Register. The period of time he will be on the register will be determined by the sentence that is ultimately imposed.

The judge also made the defendant subject to an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which severely restricts his future contact with any child.

Referring to the victim’s decision to accept the guilty pleas, Miss Whittlestone added: “He wants to ensure that this doesn’t happen again – hence the Sexual Offences Prevention Order.”

Judge Hughes granted McLaughlin bail until the sentencing hearing on January 2 so that background reports can be prepared. He added that he will be considering all sentencing options.

In court today, Mr McLaughlin showed little emotion, speaking only to confirm his name and to enter his pleas.

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  1. Mark Graham says:

    Whoever votes for the labour slugs is also voting for more paedophilic scum to pollute our society!

  2. bmwguy35 says:

    This is outrageous filth..
    once a queer.. always a paedophile.
    monsters the lot of them. That Tatchell guy is another Labour filth.

  3. staceyLaceyLeicester says:

    My cousin was attacked by a gay man in the 1980s. I would never leave youngsters on their own.

  4. karen1994 says:

    Urghhhh !
    Make me feel sick. Not voting pedo any more.

  5. fidodidoneil7 says:

    This makes me spew. Noncing kids in the Labour Party. Just got onto this Labour25 thing. Its rape of our children.

  6. Cornwallcathy1970 says:

    Vote Labour, get PIE.

  7. Abbamaniafan says:

    All boys molested are by gay men have u noticed?

  8. Mrpaperjam says:

    Just in the office now and I’m thinking if a Labour25 school governor is in my eldest child’s school. I’m part of PTA so I will soon find out!

  9. florencenthemachinefan says:

    Oh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck !!

  10. ItalyhereIcome says:

    Another random Labour25 rat bag
    Another kid raped.

  11. what he said 27 says:

    Why the hell is this site not on TV. This makes 49 now. I’d hit this B@stard with a half brick if he touched my Two boys.

  12. arghhh1978 says:

    So sad. I hope the boy gets help. Scumbag Labour beaster.

  13. IronMaiden4ever says:

    OH HELL.

  14. SCOUSE1874 says:

    You Labour C*nts stop the rape and torture of our yougsters.

  15. covheadcity says:

    I was told ther r 49 now. 18 of them skool govs?

    • Mark Graham says:

      Is that all you labour scum like to do! Stop raping vulnerable defenceless youngsters! You filthy foreign loving disease!

  16. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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