Jewish Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council Malcolm Ford gets 15 years prison for child rape.

Malcolm FordLabour25 logo with transparent backgroundJewish Labour Paedophile councillor and Head teacher Malcolm Ford, 66, raped the youngster repeatedly over a period of three years, a court heard.

A former head teacher who raped a young girl has been jailed for 15 years. Malcolm Ford, 66, raped the youngster repeatedly over a period of three years, a court heard.

A judge said the pervert clearly got ‘excitement’ from power and control over his victim. Malcom Ford, who at the time of the offenses was head of the Heys Primary School in Ashton-under-Lyne, admitted four counts of rape on the child.

He vehemently denied the rape charges –  and denied ever touching her. But a jury at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court found him guilty of all four counts of child rape. Prosecutors told how Malcolm Ford, who lived in Ashton, at the time, had begun by fondling the child. He later went on to rape her repeatedly.

Guy Mathieson, prosecuting, earlier told the jury how the four counts of rape represented many attacks over a long period of time. Malcolm Ford, now of Bell Street, Southport, told the jury the girl had lied about the rapes and exaggerated everything else, but they rejected his claims and found him guilty.

The court heard he was in the teaching profession for 29 years, chair of the board of governors and a Labour party district councillor who represented Skelmersdale for West Lancashire. Malcom Ford was banned from working with children for life and must sign the sex offenders register. He

received a 15yr jail sentence.

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16 Responses to Jewish Labour Councillor & Head teacher for Skelmersdale/West Lancashire district council Malcolm Ford gets 15 years prison for child rape.

  1. frankinkent says:

    This guy was buddies on skem council with that other labour dickhead Geoffrey Ellman. He did fuckall for Skem.

  2. sheiladunwoodykool19 says:

    You dirty little rat !
    I hope u get raped and overpowered in prison you sick bastard.

  3. Reno78 says:

    Eat bagels on hell you dirty peado.

  4. CaptainAmericaluvsu says:

    Labour buying ice cream for the kids and raping them again. No wonder they all become ice cream men in brighton.

  5. Lancshotpot says:

    His face must have terrified his victims. I bet theres more as well. Just imagine the torture this ugly bastard caused that little girl.

  6. ThreeRealtherestareRATS says:

    What do you expect..he’s probably Greville Janners love child.

  7. U2fan1971 says:

    Just been directed to this site. I feel physicaly sick. I voted Labour but they can fuck right off now. Its a paedo organistation. Gang of child raping scumbags.

  8. RogerRamjet says:

    Bleeding hell fire.

  9. trinam@c89 says:

    He looks like a rat. Give him whiskers.

  10. jacktheladDerby says:

    15years for him but that kid gets life. LABOUR25 SCUM.

  11. stepswerbosssss says:

    OMG X 25 PLUS 25 more.
    whats goin on?????

  12. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  13. Mary Louise says:

    Thank goodness the Tory Dolphin Square filth are under investigation.

  14. Nigel Bailey- norfolk says:

    These vile bastards who homosexually rape kids should be put to death.

  15. Anthony Smith says:

    My biggest fear is, there are so many people involved in this horrific crime, who by all accounts are being protected by the POLICE, BBC, and Government’s of yesterday, and today, that it will be almost impossible to obtain enough evidence to even charge alleged perpetrators, let alone convict them.. With so many years having passed, shear evidence would be pretty thin when investigating historic paedophilea. Clearly with this result, going back fifteen years is more hopeful for these poor children, but there will always be the problem of, firstly getting people to talk, without the fear of reprisal, and secondly, being believed. With the news that at least one alleged perpetrator is untouchable, ie… Above the law, the concern must be, how many others will be able to hide behind a similar veil. In my opinion, not one of these alleged perpetrators should be investigated by British Police, or, if appropriate, charged, judged, or convicted in a British Court of Law. Justice for the victims of these terrible crimes should be sought through either the EU, or the UN.How can we trust our own Police, Lawyers, and Judges to deliver justice, when some of them are allegedly involved? Simply,we cannot.

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