Gamlin’s stash (Labour25)

Homosexual Labour Party Spin Doctor Samuel Gamlin likes them young.

Homosexual spin doctor and advisor to the Labour Party Samuel Gamlin has been arrested and charged with making and distributing obscene films of children being violently raped and abused by adults. Samuel Gamlin, is said to have created sickening movies that involved the beating and tying up of children before they were subjected to horrific sexual acts. After the police had removed and searched Gamlin’s computer hard drive they discovered that he had been in close contact with several other known and suspected pedophiles. Gamlin pleaded guilty to the offences last month

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10 Responses to Gamlin’s stash (Labour25)


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  2. dancingboi says:

    he was at our college in newcastle. disgusting.

  3. geordiegirl20 says:

    samuel gamlin is one homosexual pervert. a few lads in our college are gay and i wonder if they are up 2 the same thing. Perverts out of Newy!!!

  4. anonymousmouse says:

    Sam gamlin was phoning a paedo in the states trying to get into his website. Someone who went to the court told us that. little boys bein abused by gay paedos. You need help Gamlin. sick fucka.

  5. Labourgoesdownontatchell says:

    A total disgrace. Did this Labour25 paedophile Gamlin do any pictures of kids at Newcastle college? I heard there are one or two underage kids in his portfolio on a google images search.

  6. ladygagasister says:

    sam gamlin was at newy college. yuk.. how can anyone make pervy hom movies of kids. no one normal wud. bastard.

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  8. dontmesswithmymelonman says:

    burn in hell gamlin you ‘paedohomo’.

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