Rankin’s Hoard

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundLabour Party paedophile Ian Rankin Aged 47 has been caught with a hoard of child rape movies.

ian rankinLabour Party super activist and Council Candidate Ian Rankin was jailed for having in his possession video material containing some of the vilest kinds of child sexual abuse. Police say it was some of the worst paedophile material they had ever come across. Some of the children were raped while tied to posts and ceiling beams. Most videos were of young children tied up and sodomised. Police raided Rankin’s home on the same day that he was standing for election in Labour held Lambert Ward.

The shock from Falkirk Sheriff Court jury was palpable as the details of the videos were revealed. The prosecution explained that in one of the 45 videos, a six year old child was tied up, beaten and raped. After hearing the evidence some of the jury were reduced to tears. Consequently Ian Rankin from Kilsyth Road, Haggs, Stirlingshire was jailed immediately by Sheriff Andrew Murphy for three Months and put on the sex offenders register for a total of Seven Years.

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10 Responses to Rankin’s Hoard


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    Only 3 months , Thats as disgusting as the videos, these people should be getting years not months.

  3. m parker says:

    three months !!!!!! my son got 8 months for saying muslim bombers off our streets.first offence no violence.this scum gets 3 months,I hope that in jail he gets the punishment he deserves .The sentence is joke ,the judge was probably sharing the videos or has his own

    • janine rec says:

      What has happened to British justice? Your son should have been applauded, not imprisoned. The labour MP found guilty of these offences, should have received life!!

  4. Ian says:

    Three months? Good god no wonder people just do as they please with little or no regard for fellow man. Where is the deterrent? This is outrageous, it’s nothing for one who supports or takes part in the violent abuse of our children.

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  6. phildickensgrandmother says:

    urghhhh !

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  8. WALDO1888 says:


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