The transvestites play thing (Labour25)

A Labour party councillor and her transvestite lover who subjected a minor to a three week rape ordeal has been jailed.

Susan Smith, 33, a former Labour Party councillor for St Martins ward in the London borough of Lambeth, was sentenced to a total of 18 months. Her transvestite boyfriend Ronald Lineker, 53, was also jailed for three years.

At Southwark Crown Court Judge Gerald Butler QC told Smith, who was convicted of five offenses of indecently assaulting the girl, that he had no doubt she had been responsible for instigating the whole terrifying ordeal.

The court heard that Smith, who once served on Lambeth’s social services committee, missed council meetings to repeatedly molest the girl.

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19 Responses to The transvestites play thing (Labour25)

  1. skidmiester says:

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    The transvestites play thing (Labour25)

  2. Tom Watson Labour25 says:

    Tom Watson of the Labour25 party should see the phillip Lyon story on here. Phillip Lyon was Tony Blairs Aide and was done for child pornography on his computer in the house of commons. He was a paedophile in America so it is led to believe, and Labour employed him.

  3. Dave1 says:

    Samuel Gamlin of Newcastle was convicted on 1 November at Southwark Crown Court for having indecent images of children, some as young as 12.He was not jailed. It’s only on courtnewsuk website for now. He had 2 films and 34 images on his PC. And he worked for the Labour party.

  4. Dave1 says:

    Labour are trying to mount a black propaganda operation against the Conservatives to draw attention away from their own well documented paedophiles. Labour25 obviously visit this site and as they cannot stop anyone visiting they are using parliamentary privilege and this evenings Newsnight to suggest paedophilia is more prominent in the Conservative party. The Tories could always hit back by just looking up on the net all those Labour Cllrs with convictions for paedophile offences.

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  6. hannah fererah says:

    she was a councillor in lambeth. dirty labour party monster.

    • Andrew Wyatt says:

      Bob Drabwell alias Bailey from Falmouth was financed by Jimmy Savile.

      • Don Turner says:

        Another Dorset paedophile, Stephen Merrfield was part of the satanic circle whose members included Ken Bailey, Chris Denning Jimmy Savile and others who used to travel all over the UK to partes organised by Tony Hardman of Ivanhoe Leisure.
        Stephen Paul Merrifield alias Steve Wellstead drove the coaches which ferried guests to and fro the venues, including Cornwall. Tony Hardman employed him as a driver for ‘guests’ with special tastes, because Merrifield was also a paedophile and would keep names secret.
        Tony Hardman died in 2013 and knew Sandra Court whose body was found near Bournemouth and who visited the Steppes Nightclub there on the night she was killed.
        No one was ever charged with her murder.

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  8. Dave1 says:

    Watson thought he was clever, stirring up trouble against the Tories. But what he started has indavertently taken out the BBC Director General and crippled Newsnight. Watson’s not making any friends and the BBC is full of marxists like Labour. Has he just scored an own goal?

  9. Andrew Wyatt says:

    How long ago did Bob Bailey of Falmouth Join them?
    He too has friends in high places in Cornwall, especially the Whiteleys at Mylor Bridge.
    See Pickmere Grange Ltd.
    Bob Bailey was Bob Drabwell and he changed his name to Bailey after the court case.

    • Bruce says:

      Bob Bailey used another surname for some time. He called himself Robert or Bob Drabwell and it isn’t known whether or not Drabwell was his original surname.
      He serves on a number of voluntary groups in Cornwall. Used to be a keen crew member in the sailing and boating fraternity. We are trying to find out more details.

  10. Don Turner says:

    Bob Drabwell changed his surname to Bailey and it is not known whether Drabwell, the name he used to be known under, is his real name or an alias.
    Bailey is a member of the South West Seniors’ Network and a committee member of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum. He is also understood to be a member of the National Pensioners’ Convention, a socialist organisation, some of whose members are very unhappy with his presence.
    Bob Drabwell alias Bailey has a number of friends in high places, enjoying their patronage and protection.
    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum used to meet at hotels in Falmouth and Truro every couple of months or so, but the hotels got wind of what was going on and invited the group to take their custom elsewhere, which they did. The Carrick Over 50’s Forum are now understood to meet at the Premier Inn at Carnon Downs near Truro.
    Bob Bailey alias Drabwell was the Chairman of the now defunct Cornwall Senior Citizens’ Forum.

  11. Tim Fletcher says:

    Bob Drabwell was involved with the infamous Azimuth Trust, under a different name. He has many friends in positions of influence and is well known in seniors’ groups in Cornwall.
    Bob Drabwell is also known as Bob Bailey, as well as other identities and he was a great friend of Jimmy Savile, as well as a number of others in the Azimuth Trust.
    Drabwell/Bailey joined the management committee of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum in late 2013, which was kept secret from the members for over 6 moths. He joined under his new name, not revealing his former identity.
    He lives in Falmouth.

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