Labour’s Masturbation lessons for little boys

Labour25 convicted Labour Councillor David Spooner

By Mark and Susan Cornice (Parents against paedophiles)

In a North Lincolnshire Town, the public voted for Labour Councillor and paedophile David Spooner. David Spooner had entered the Labour Party knowing full well that it was a protective ‘Haven’ for paedophiles with its Queen paedophile Harriet Harman. Evil paedophile Labour Party David Spooner. Labour25 convicted and listed David Spooner had his eye on Two young boys from the local area where he sat as a Labour Councillor. The Two innocent boys were ‘coaxed’ by David Spooner into his home in North Lincolnshire. The Boys both under Ten years old were told to sit on a couch in the living room. when Labour25 paedophile David Spooner returned to the room he was naked.

Evil Labour paedophile David Spooner tried to get the Two boys to join him but they refused to take off their clothing. This never stopped the evil Labour Paedophile from starting to masturbate in front of the Two children. He then finnished off this depraved act and sent both boys away. The brave little boys then told their parents who immediately called the police. The police immediately went around to Labour25 paedophile David Spooner’s home and arrested him. In Court the evidence of what had happened to the Two boys was read out and Labour Party Paedophile David Spooner sat there with no expression on his face.

The Judge said that although it was a depraved incident, he would not hand down a major sentence because he never touched the boys physicaly. The Judge gave Labour25 David Spooner a Twelve Months prison sentence effective immediately.

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18 Responses to Labour’s Masturbation lessons for little boys

  1. Ive Cooper says:


    • fred anonymous says:

      I was abused by David Spooner at the age of 17 in 1981, it’s affected me since then . I’m glad he was caught & sentenced

  2. tony davis says:

    That sentence defies gravity!!!

  3. Wim Wauters says:

    Let’s hope justice gets done and they get to him on the inside. That’s assuming he’ll actually does time. In Belgium any sentence under 3 years just means an ankle-band…

  4. vodka bill says:

    They should be hanged, simple as.

  5. craig yates says:

    Painting a poppy on a mosque gets 2 years. WTF has happened to this country?

  6. budgie says:

    Im with you craig,,,I hope they put him in a cell with some nut who thinks that this man is fair game…

  7. frances bell says:

    he may not have touched these children but they are now scared for life because of this man’s actions, he should be made an example of and his name be put on the sex offenders register as well as serving a prison term

  8. Constantine says:

    I hope they cut his balls off with a rusty knife !!

  9. taybax01 says:

    And here we again! When is THIS Government going to do something about these’ pompose oinks’?? It’s got beyond the joke now. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE!!!!!! When will the law be changed so drastically that these ‘oinks’ will be punished harshley and serverly? Every single day I read about another child/ children being subjected to this disgusting behaviour! It looks as if these peadophiles are no longer in the minority anymore. In a minute, they will be running this country and haveing afternoon tea with HRH!!!!!! What a crock of s**t. I really hope I wont be around to see that happen.
    Come on Cameron, you can get the law changed. Just listen to the people. Read their comments, and make these changes NOW!!!!!!

  10. theconny13 says:

    No doubt this kind of behavior is part of the judges favourite past times

  11. Andrew Wyatt says:

    This is similar to a case in Cornwall involving Bob Drabwell who changed his name to Bob Bailey when he fled to Falmouth. He’s now under the protection of a friend who is a councillor and others who have Money, power and influence.

  12. Michael Carlton says:

    Tony Hardman who was known as the Portarlington Puppet Master lived in Bournemouth and was part of the Savile paedophile network, which included satanist circles.
    Hardman died in 2013.

  13. Peter Appleby says:

    Christopher Fettes and his bum chum Yat Malmgren who were among the founder members of the London Drama Centre in the 1960’s were both well known pedophiles.
    Fettes and Malmgren corrupted hundreds of children. Both were involved in the Azimuth Trust, along with Bryan Forbes the actor/director.

  14. A says:

    This is how the selfish oversexed addicted WORK. I know. I was felonized and touched. 3 felony count. No conviction. Never mind my story. This angers me. It is a threat to the most vital of Qi energy to witness shit like this.

    I got into writing, kung fu, ninjitsu, meditation. It took me 20 years to rebuild myself. You end up feeling you are a perverted child because victims identify with perps. Children have to be taken away from association with perps for healing.

    There is no DOCTOR for this. Higher power. I follow Isa Il-Masaih iow the messiah, Jesus. Whatever a person can use to fight these bastards, use it. In so many ways it is worse than murder to abuse a child. Even to their eyes!! Have you ever tried to get a goddam stupid song or movie out of your head?

    Also, the technique used by molesters is known! Watch ASMR on you tube. That is hypnotism for adults and therapy. For children, even an adults touch to ears or head or butt… this is a stun before a felony slay.

    Think about it.

    I am mad. Not at you. Both my parents asked me repeatedly if I was gay over the years. To a strait boy, that is terrible. My parents backed away when I told them. So, YEAH… its not always safe to tell. My own dad had addiction to sex issues where he was out in the open.

    So I go home early, spiritually, to Isa. I only found God faster. I still have not seen him. I do not fear death. Maybe waterboarding. But not release… in TIME… when I am complete… from this world.

    -Z17. #1 nom 4 WP 2013. Big whoop.

    • Frank Day says:

      “So I go home early, spiritually, to Isa. I only found God faster. I still have not seen him. I do not fear death. Maybe waterboarding. But not release… in TIME… when I am complete… from this world.”
      No rush Brother, your gentle spirit and sincere witness is still needed here, add your strenght to the growing band of people who intend to end this by bringing those sick bastards to account. Then many of us will be complete.
      Evil may or may not overcome us all, but we’ll get no peace if we don’t go down fighting.

  15. fred anonymous says:

    I was sexually abused by David Spooner 35 years ago when I was 17 . That experience has affected me since then . I’m pleased tha he got caught & sentenced

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