The Lord Mayor’s Cresch

Labour Lord Mayor & Councillor molests Three kids after a 6yr old tells him of her sex education taught in her school and gets aroused.

Labour25 listed paedophile Nicholas Green.

Labour25 listed paedophile Councillor and Lord Mayor of Westhoughton Lancashire nicholas Green was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and molesting children and also a woman on her wedding day. Bolton Magistrates was a scene not yet seen by the public before as this Labour Party Paedophile multiple child sex attacker and rapist went on trial.

Once again a Labour Party paedophile Councillor makes his way towards a job with children

First of all were Labour25 listed paedophile Nicholas green’s indecent assault charges against Three children aged 6, 7, and 10 years old. Mothers had placed their trust ONCE AGAIN in a Labour Party Councillors reach. The parents placed trust in paedophile Labour Partys Nicholas Green’s wifes day time care service. She and Nicholas Green were unregistered as child minders.

Unknowing to Labour25 Nicholas Green’s wife, while she was not present, the Labour Party paedophile carried out a sickening sexual attack on the Six year old child. He then had indecent evil and sickening attacks on a Ten year old, before moving on to the Seven year old.

Other victims came forward, a young woman said that the Labour Party mayor had been abusing her when she was young and on her wedding day. Labour25 paedophile Nicholas Green blackmailed her into having sex with him by saying he would tell everyone that she had been having sex with him. The woman gave in and the woman was subject to rape by blackmail.

Another young girl came forward with four more indecent assault charges against Labour25 Nicholas Green, but the Judge ordered the crimes to be put on file. Police interviewed paedophile Labour Lord Mayor Nicholas Green after this girl had complained to them of the Labour25 paedophile abusing her.

After the police interviewed paedophile Labour Councillor and known marxist Mayor Nicholas Green he pleaded not guilty to the sex charges, but within 1 week of that interview, he molested another child.

The woman who was raped by Labour25 paedophile Nicholas Green on her wedding day had been thinking about suicide because Nicholas Green had been telling her that if she didn’t have sex with him, he would tell everyone what they were doing. This is surely the Marxist mind, to REVERSE the situation around to make the victim, the guilty one.

Labour Party Paedophile Nicholas Green said to police that he had been ‘egged-on’ by one of the children because of her talking to him about  SEX EDUCATION BEING TAUGHT TO HER IN SCHOOL  which had aroused him.            

The Education minister for the Labour Party brought sex education for 6yr olds into the classroom and THIS IS WHY ! So peadophiles will have a clear understanding on the level that kids know what to expect when alone with them. Is this why Labour brought in sex education for 6yr olds? YES IT IS !

Defending the Labour25 paedophile party Councillor and Lord Mayor Nicholas Green was Robert Elias. ”He is a Labour Party stalwart ! A pillar of his Community!”

Nicholas Green ( another Lizard )  stood before Judge Timothy Mort  …      ” Your behavior was an appaling abuse of trust with children.” ”You will go to prison for 10 years and register with the police as a sex offender when you come out”

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