The lord mayor’s underage fancy (Labour25)

Depraved Labour25 ex-Lord Mayor, Councillor Liam Temple Found Guilty of paying a Child for Sexual favours. 

Labour25 Team

A Father went to see his Councillor in Castlefields, Halton in Cheshire. But that Councillor was unfortunately to be Labour25 convicted child sex pervert Labour Councillor and ex Labour Lord Mayor Liam Temple. The Father made one mistake.. he innocently took his little girl along with him to the home of Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple. The little girl took along some scones she had made in school. Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple took the little girl to his office in his house where he let her play on his computer games. The father who trusted the Labour25 Councillor left but the little girl wanted to continue playing the computer games.

Filthy paedophile Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple then said ”£5 if you let me touch your boobs and £10 for anywhere else.” The little girl said. It was obvious that he was paying money to grope the child once he had got her on her own.The child said ” I took it to mean my boobs but he meant everywhere else.”

Labour25 Councillor Liam Temple kept repeating.. ”I’m not going to hurt you.” ”I’ll give you anything you want.” ”Name your price.”

Chester Crown Court was told by the little girl by Video link.. ”He said if I let him touch me, he would give me the money.”

The little girls father only found out because the little girls friend who she confided with told her mother who told the child victims father. ”I wanted to kick his head in” said the little girls father.. and why not? That’s how any father would have felt after trusting a Labour Councillor with his child after so much paedophilia in the Labour Party and the Marxist Newspapers not bringing it to light and along with the Marxist run TV & News.

The little girls father did not want to persue this evil at first because he knew Liam Temple had powerfull friends in the Labour Party and the Police, and was feared of reprisals, as everyone knows that the Marxist left are violent against good citizens who bring proof of Evil wrong-doing to light, but it had to be done, when the little girl started to self-harm, the father bravely went into action !!

The father of the little girl went to the police and the Labour Party Paedophile Liam Temple was arrested. Paedophile Pouncer Liam Temple pleaded not guilty at Chester Crown Court and his ‘Lizard ‘of a lawyer tried to get him off. But the jury came back at them full on with an 11/1 guilty verdict. It makes you wonder who the only person was, against the rest of the Jury? Another Labour Paedophile supporter maybe?

Judge Roger Dutton told the Labour25 paedophile Liam Temple.. ”You have been found guilty of a squalid attempt of gaining sexual gratification from a girl.”( age 12 yrs old ) ”This is a very serious offence.” ”The Country at large and Castelefields in Runcorn Cheshire, are entitled to know the truth. Labour25 Paedophile Labour Councillor Liam Temple who is a Grandfather of Four children had his head in his hands when the guilty verdict was given. Don’t think for One minute mr Temple that you will get pitty…

 Labour25 paedophile Labour Councillor Liam Temple was a Campaigner against child abuse!

 The Labour Councillor was chairman of Prosperity and the Equality Policy and Performance Board.

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1 Response to The lord mayor’s underage fancy (Labour25)

  1. Dave says:

    These people are Marxists. Their aim is to keep chipping away at Western civilisation and one way of doing this is to have no morality.

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