Is raping young kids a perk for Labour party Lord mayors ?

Labour Party Lord Mayor’s Paedophile Club Sam Chaudry… Multiple child sex rapist and Labour25 listed.

Lord Mayor and Councillor’s term as Lord Mayor for Merton had come to an end after 1 year in the Job. In his farewell speech he thanked his wife, and most of all Labour Councillor Sam Chaudry.

Sam Chaudry was the new elected Mayor of Merton approved by Labour Party officials on the Merton Council. Labour Councillor Sam Chaudry was now ‘Mayor Elect’.

This was a land mark event because Sam Chaudry was to become the first Muslim Labour Party Lord Mayor. But the whole publicity stunt of this was to back fire in the face of the Labour Party.

Within no time of Labour Party Councillor Sam Chaudry of becoming ‘Mayor Elect’ the police were banging on his door. Police officers from the local Station went around to see Labour Party Lord Mayor Elect Sam Chaudry who was immediately arrested. It had come to light that Sam Chaudry had been raping children. The Paedophile Unit officers had been questioning Labour Party Sam Chaudry about a rapes on children under 6 years old.

The Evidence was placed forward to the jury at Labour Party Sam Chaudry’s trial and it was brought to light that he had carried out the most evil paedophile sex attacks on children so young. Labour Party Sam Chaudry the child sex beast and paedophile was found guilty and has also been placed on the Labour25 list of most dangerous paedophiles in the country.

Labour25 listed Labour Party Lord Mayor Elect Sam Chaudry was sent to prison for the paedophile rape and sickening multiple sexual attacks on children.

This Labour25 Lord Mayor brings the Labour Lord Mayors paedophile ring to Four convicted so far…


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3 Responses to Is raping young kids a perk for Labour party Lord mayors ?

  1. shez says:

    I used to be a labour party voter but after reading this site i feel so dirty. NEVER AGAIN !

  2. linda says:

    very evil , very sick indeed … never vote Labour again . most parents should know the hideous truth of The Labour Party .

  3. anon says:

    What is still not coming out is that these individuals are all Masons! Please let this sink in. They are all Masons. The whole idea why senior parliamentary candidates and officials always seem ignorant ad unawares about what is going on with their colleagues is due to them being Masons!!!

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