”Three Strikes and you’re out” (Labour25)

Labour Paedophile Councillor & Labour25 Listed Iestyn Tudor Davies Rapes a 9yr old child.

 Labour Party paedophile Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies was Chairman of Brackla Community Council in Bridgend South Wales and A Labour Party paedophile Councillor for over 8 years was found guilty by a judge in wales for Sexually abusing a little girl. The child that Labour25 paedophile listed Iestyn Tudor Davies had been sexually abusing was only 9yrs old. When his wife Pamela, ( who was herself a Judge) slept in bed, the child was taken by Labour25 Iestyn Tudor davies, into his bed in another room where he Sexually abused the child. The child was abused at least three times on seperate occassions, When his wife was sleeping.

”Mummy… I’ve got a secret…..”

Prosecutor Tim Evans said that Labour25 listed Iestyn Tudor Davies  had sexually abused the little girl Three times, at an earlier hearing at  Cardiff Crown Court. The child had hugged her mother and said  ”Mummy… I’ve got a secret…” The child was worried that Labour25  Iestyn Tudor Davies would get her into trouble if she told her mum, or that it would be her fault for letting the Labour Party Paedophile touch her. Regardless.. the mother of the 9yr old child who was being sexually abused by this Labour25 peadophile, rang the police.

Labour25 Iestyn Tudor Davies was arrested and questioned by South Wales Police about the paedophile attacks on the child. Labour25 paedophile Labour Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies admitted he had been in the same bed as the 9yr old child. Tell me.. why would a 50yr old Labour Councillor want to share a bed with a child?

The Judge brought in a Guilty verdict and the fact that Labour25 paedophile Councillor Iestyn Tudor Davies had been sexually abusing the little girl. ”You will serve 7 years for what you have done to the child” other statements were made by the public of disgust at what Labour25 Iestyn tudor Davies  had done to the 9yr old girl, he sexually abused in his bed.

Labour25 listed Iestyn Tudor Davies was also made to sign the Sex Offenders register for the rest of his life like other Labour25 paedophiles.

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