John Friary’s friends (Labour25)

Labour Councillor John Friary The Facebook Peadophile Predator was ‘Another’ Labour paedophile School Governor.

Labour25 team

Labour Party Councillor John Friary has been distanced by his very close friends in the labour Party, Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell after he was arrested by police for being a paedophile in a social networking internet site called ‘facebook’. Facebook has people of all ages who enjoy keeping in contact with each other and sharing friands and family photos with each other. Labour25 listed paedophile Labour Councillor John Friary had been using Facebook to prey on a child he had targetted on facebook.

Labour25 paedophile Councillor John Friary had been on many campaigns with Harriet Harman who was a member of the organisation ‘PIE’ (paedophile information exchange) an organisation for the welfare of paedophiles which tries to abolish the age of consent, and ‘water-down’ child pornography laws ”as long as the child isn’t hurt it’s ok” she once quoted.

After Paedophile Labour25 listed john Friary was arrested by police from the west London Branch, He was sacked before he was brought to trial ! 


The Police explained to reporters that Labour25 paedophile Labour Party Councillor John Friary who was 51 years old was inciting a Child to engage in Sexual Activity for his pleasure. Southwark Council Leader Peter John explained that John Friary was no longer on the Council after the Labour25 listed paedophile had been arrested.

Why has he been sacked before a trial Peter? Did you know John Friary was a Paedophile as well? The Daily Mail Newspaper has covered the story of John Friary But NEVER MENTIONED HIS LABOUR PARTY FRIENDS CONNECTION WITH ‘PIE’ ( Paedophile Information exchange ) Message once again to Parents, Teachers and Police. When are you going to check out if your school governors are Labour Party members?

This is why we have ‘SEX EDUCATION’ for 5yr olds… DO SOMETHING NOW!

Labour Party Paedophile John Friary was on the Camberwell Council. Guess who lives in Camberwell? Labour25 listed paedophile Labour Councillor Toren Smith ! I wonder if they swapped information via memory stick??


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  2. Dave says:

    Jacqui Smith is a Governor at Kingsley College, Redditch

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