”Like Father, Like Son” (Labour25)

Son of a Labour District Councillor
blames his fathers paedophile attacks
as a child on his addiction for downloading
child pornography.

A paedophile downloads sickening Images of child abuse and blames his father who sexually abused him. Ben Laws who was a DJ at a night club was arrested for downloading Child pornography onto his computer. Admitting this evil paedophile practise, Ben Laws (who changed his name from Ben Eccott)told the Judge at his trial that he downloaded the paedophile images because he was researching into his own child abuse when his father Terry Eccott, was a Labour Party Councillor.

Ben Laws was convicted of 8 charges of making indecent pictures of children. the Judge claimed that Ben Laws could be a danger to ‘pre-teens’ who he had images of and also his fetish for children in school uniforms.
The Judge gave Ben Laws a lousy suspended sentence, as soon as it was passed, Ben Laws walked towards the front doors of Canterbury Crown Court and burst through them and ran fast down the street into the Town Centre where the press could not photograph him.
Before leaving Canterbury Crown Court, Ben Laws told of the sexual abuse by his father, the Labour District Councillor at the time of the abuse, Terry Eccott. The police are undergoing an investigation…..

In Canterbury Crown Court, Ben Laws made complaint about his father Labour District Councillor Terry Eccott, then admitted all 8 of the charges against him.

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2 Responses to ”Like Father, Like Son” (Labour25)

  1. screamingmad says:

    A breakdown of the family structure is one of the main planks of the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, the choice of weapon used by the failed Red revolution of 1917. They knew the use of arms could not make the sea change required in the minds of the Western people, and chose an underhand and covert method of altering the mind set.
    The ‘Frankfurt School’ (Google Marcuse) was the chosen weapon, it did not require force of arms, just the insertion of infiltraitors into the main body of society.
    They were on ‘The Long March through the Institutions’, Google that as well.

  2. hayley says:

    this ben is a relative of mine who i havent seen for many years but past him in the street the other day i made no contact because as a teenager there was always something not right about him he was creepy!!!! hes clearly a chester i cant stand them i have kids and god help anyone who touches my children i hope god puts him in his place when his time comes!!!! they are a danger to all chilldren and should have the death penalty!!!!!!!

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