‘In the thick of it.’ (Labour25)

The BBC, Labour Party & Convicted paedophile actor and writer Chris Langham are all caught ‘In the thick of it.’

A BBC play about a Labour Party Minister for Social Affairs, the Rt Hon Hugh Abbot in the BBC sitcom ‘In the thick of it’ would show the ‘mind-set’ of how much the BBC is connected with the Labour Party, even the actor who played that part Chris Langham was CONVICTED AS A PAEDOPHILE !

Paedophile Chris Langham saught the part of a NEW LABOUR character in this series because the Labour Party protects paedophiles.

Paedophile Chris Langham would have been ‘right at home’ playing a Labour Minister for Social Affairs, having been so many Labour Party Paedophiles in the Social sectors taking on rolls and molesting children in their care. The BBC made sure Chris Langham got his BAFTA Award for playing the part of the Labour Minister.

Chris Langham was caught downloading child pornography films of a severe nature that sickened the police officers and investigation teams of Operation Ore. Chris Langham who played the Centurian Soldier in the Monty Python film ‘Life Of Brian’ admitted downloading child porn from the internet because of his own experience of being abused as a child by paedophile.

The BBC wrote a play for Chris Langham in which he won an award , along side actor Paul Whitehouse, called ‘Help’ Which the Chris Langham also said was the reason he downloaded child pornography for the BBC play ‘Help’ which portrayed the life of a ‘Peeping Tom’… amazing what the BBC wants people to watch these days… Labour Party Ministers played by paedophiles ( Ironic ) and pervert plays with a paedophile actor.

Chris Langham recieved a prison sentence of just 11 months but served only three and a half months.

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