Locklin’s little boys (Labour25)

Another Labour Party paedophile ‘House Parent’ in sex attack on boys masturbates in front of 2 of them and gets 15 years behind bars.

Labour25 List paedophile multi child sex Labour paedophile rapist Martyn Locklin.

Martyn Locklin, Labour25 listed paedophile preyed on young boys in his care at Aycliffe Young Peoples Centre. Sounds familiar? Labour party paedophile Martyn Locklin who was involved with the labour party and who knew Tony Blair on a personal level, abused youngsters in his care. Martyn Locklin was with Labour on the Town Council at Great Aycliffe. He saught a job of this nature so he could be near vulnerable boys.

Paedophile Labour25 list Councillor Martyn Locklin was found guilty of 2 indecent assaults against 1 boy ( 1 was a serious offence ) and 2 counts of rape and 1 count of indecent assault on the second boy, and 2 counts of indecent assault against a Third boy. One boy was taken at weekends to Martyn Locklin’s home where he crept out of the bed while his partner and step-son were asleep and went down stairs to abuse the boy over a 2 year period over 30 times. All three boys were plied with alcohol so he could get his evil paedophile way with them. Another boy was abused in Labour25 list Martin Locklin’s home over a period of 8 weeks. Labour Councillor Martyn Locklin gave the boy ‘goodies’ to keep him quiet.

The Judge who was a ‘Real Judge’ gave Labour Party Councillor Paedophile Martyn Locklin 15 years ! Well done Judge Peter Fox QC !! The Judge added.. ”your abuse was appalling, you groomed these boys and the damages you have done over such a prolonged period is devastating.”

Detectives say there could be more boys who are too ashamed to come forward. If you are one of these boys.. Please get in touch with Newton Aycliffe Police by calling 01325 314401. Dont be ashamed, it’s not your fault another Labour Party Councillor was allowed to work with children.

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3 Responses to Locklin’s little boys (Labour25)

  1. Karen Prince says:

    Does anyone know if this low life is out?

  2. n welsh says:

    were you in lincoln house?

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