A taste for young boys (Labour25)

Labour Leader of Hull City Council Colin Inglis Loses his Labour position after it is brought to light that he masturbated on a 13 year old boys bed and took a naked shower with him and ‘washed him down.’

By Sheila O’Donnell (Labour25 investigation team)

Labour Leader of Hull City Council Colin Inglis was abandoned by the Labour Party as he had been found out about his sick paedophile perversions with a 13 year old boy who was in his care at a care home where he worked. As with all cases of Labour Party paedophiles who have been masturbating in front of children ( like the case of Labour25 paedophile David Spooner who masturbated in front of 2 children ) the Labour Party tries to distance itself from the stink of the arrested and those brought to trial.

Labour Councillor paedophile Colin Inglis took the child on camping trips on his own with the child, and also to a private holiday cottage which was under a police investigation. At night, Labour Councillor paedophile Colin Inglis would come into the childs bedroom, and carry out his sick paedophile acts upon the child. The Labour Party paedophile once he was caught, and in the eyes of the concerned public voters, was abandoned… as usual.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Colin Inglis was a York University graduate, took a job as a ‘house parent’ at a children’s care home to be near children. This is not an unusual job for Labour Party Councillors as with the other Labour Party paedophile Labour Councillor Alan Prescott ( convicted ) who woke boys in the night and was buggering boys in a care home where he had worked.

How many more Labour Councillors work as social workers? 

Why are Labour Councillors allowed to work as social workers when it is now obvious that the Labour Party is a Paedophile Party?

Paedophile Hull City Labour Councillor Colin Inglis would take boys from the care home for week day breaks to ‘Spring Cottages’ which was a couple of days break ‘holiday’ type of home. There he would perform sex acts on the 13 year old boy who was branded ‘his favourite.’ One paedophile act was stripping the boy naked, then stripping himself naked then paedophile Labour Councillor Colin Inglis would put the child in his care into the shower with himself and wash the child down. Labour party paedophile Councillor Colin Inglis also took the child on camping trips. He had said to the boy he was taking him to Rhyll to the fair ground that was there.. but after the child agreed, he took the child to a remote camping spot where he sexually abused the poor boy.

Labour Party Councillors always seem to be involved with children and ‘head’ straight for that line of work. This is why the Labour Party MP’s in government agreed to the sex education programme to teach children how to put a condom on an erect penis…. SICK ! This is done by using condoms and a plastic model of an erect penis in the classroom.

This grooming of our children is all part of the ‘Big Plan’ to sexualise our infants so when a paedophile comes into contact with them, they will perform as if it is ‘Normal.’

Once the paedophile Labour Party got its evil hands on the National Curriculum, that was the start of grooming of infants in School.

Hull Labour Party Paedophile Colin Inglis was also Chairman of the Humberside Police Authority…..

 ”So we know what the outcome of this case is going to be don’t we!”

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12 Responses to A taste for young boys (Labour25)

  1. Dave says:

    It’s not just care homes but also schools where lefty paedos, queers, pederasts and bullies gravitate to. And they vote for the party that shares their values, or lack of them. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to sack a teacher? Their comrades fixed it decades ago so that the incompetent with sinister leanings towards children can spend all day around them.

  2. tracey says:

    Inglis is as guilty as hell.i was in the same children’s home abused by three other members of staff regularly this ruined my life and the worst is the cover ups because another female and a male did police interviews about Inglis molesting them and it never got to court

  3. tracey says:

    Why cant i have any justice its still wrecking my life and all the hours of police interviews are going nowhere they say its our word against theirs

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  5. Picture of Rodney Hills york council leader dressed in drag with young girls were handed to york council they were destroyed and Hills got away with it. It is widely believed that Hills died in a known crack house.

  6. barry says:

    Today yesterday every peodofile in hull is on high class benefits paid by the tax payer threw hull city council many people got there benefits sactioned except gays lesbians or even drug dealers thats where if you mension that a trangender or a pervert on drugs hurt your child you could not report it to the police

  7. jenny says:

    It is one hundred percent correct……lesbians, gays, peodofiles and drug dealers get away with what they want and yes justice never will be done.

  8. harry says:

    Dont tell me its a splitarse with a attitude on 101

  9. Julie says:

    Sick pervert, I know this boy he abused, messed his whole life up. Hang the bastard

  10. Julie says:

    Hang the perv

  11. George says:

    Inglis had a number of mates in the systems, these are them

    Colin Bulger ( NEL Counil leader ( charges with possesion of extreem CA Pictures, hurcore )
    Alex Alexandra ( CEO POLICE ) ( charged with raping his own child )
    Colin Andrews ( police rapist ) charged withg rape
    Cllr Steven Bayes ( extreem CA , hurtcore type monster )

    These pedoes were covered up becuase of there connections to regeneration spending of public money

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