‘Labour25’ +9

Labour Party Councillor & Trade Union official with GMB Union and another Labour25 School Governor Adrian Cirket takes the Labour Party Paedophile list to ‘Labour25’ +9

That’s 25 convicted Labour Party paedophile Councillors, MP’s, Mayors and activists, and Trade Unions, that were counted at the time of the Labour Party’s paedophile investigation, plus 9 more discovered so far that have been either convicted or still on trial.

”Labour Party paedophiles are ‘rife’ in our schools and childrens social activities such as boy scouts and also boarding schools andacademies and are now in the Trade Unions” (Labour25 Investigation Team.)

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was at his computer in his family home where he was downloading sickening images of child pornography. Unknown to him, his Botswana born partner ‘Titose’ whom he had three of his five children with, was watching his evil paedophilic actions on the internet. Titose was praised by the judge for speaking out against Labour Party paedophile Adrian Cirket in Canterbury Crown Court.

The Judge gave Labour Party paedophile Adrian Cirket a 3 year Community order and put on a specialist course to ‘deal with’ his sex offending. Another ridiculous outcome of another Labour25 paedophile party case with no prison term. This lousy court decision was given after Labour Party Councillor paedophile Adrian Cirket admitted 10 counts of downloading child pornography.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was also a School Governor. Labour Party paedophile Boy Scout leaders or School Governors again.. Sound familiar… AGAIN !!!!

Labour Party Paedophile Adrian Cirket had downloaded over 500 sickening Images of children of ‘level 4’ paedophile content, 1 level less than the worst. the Labour Party councillor had been downloading images of abuse of children as young as 5 years old. This had been going on for 3 years until he was reported.

Labour Party paedophile Councillor Adrian Cirket was a Labour Party Councillor with the Shepway District Council then moved to the St. Mary in the Marsh Parish Council. Labour Party Paedophile Councillor and ex School Governor and Trade Union Official Adrian Cirket was placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years. He was also involved with the GMB Union.

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3 Responses to ‘Labour25’ +9

  1. Dave says:

    There’s another Labour Councillor on remand in custody for allegedly being a paedophile.We shall find out more in due course.

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  3. Dave says:

    On remand for an alleged sexual offence against a child:
    Councillor Mark Burton (Labour)

    66 Middleham Rd
    Harrowgate Hill
    Darlington DL13DJ
    Tel: 01325 486378
    Email: mark.burton@darlington.gov.uk

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