Jim Grimble’s Paedophile protection racket ? (Labour25)

Labour25 investigation team finds another Labour Party Paedophile Protector helping another paedophile boy scouts leader with references of good character.

Labour Party Councillor and paedophile protector Jim Grimble who is Vice Chairman of the Bishopsteignton Parish Council Caused outrage when he stood up for a serial paedophile child sex attacker whilst he was on trial for sexualy abusing 4 children.

Scout Leader ( doesn’t that sound familiar ?) and serial paedophile james whittaker ‘pounced’ on children and submitted them to a series of evil sex attacks in a ‘free-run’ of over 30 years without being stopped.

Labour Party Councillor and Paedophile protector Councillor Jim Grimble was discovered by the Labour25 investigations team after an anonymous caller to their new ‘Labour25’ hotline phone team. The caller explained that Labour Party Councillor Jim Grimble had said that paedophile scout leader James Wittaker was a ‘pillar of society.’ Also Labour’s Jim Grimble pointed out that Wittaker had ‘donated ‘ some of his land to make a footpath.

So, that makes his attacks on children ok then Mr Grimble?

Labour Party Councillor Jim Grimble said at the council meeting.. ”We must remember the good James Wittaker did as well as the bad”

Can you believe this?

Two good men…

Locals Victor Simmons and Graham Nicholson both condemned the acts of James Whittaker and what he had done to the children calling James Wittaker an Evil man. Their attacks were more against the Labour Party Paedophile protector councillor, Jim Grimble.

Evil Paedophile James Wittaker pleaded guilty of 13 assaults on 4 children and 1 count of attempted rape of a minor. James Wittaker received 8 years in prison for his evil deeds. No thanks to Labour party paedophile protector Councillor Jim Grimble.

The Labour Councillor jim Grimble was more interested in getting a ‘Free’ slither of land off a paedophile, than the welfare of the children who had been raped. Typical Labour party paedophile protection racket. ”We’ll let you lead the scouts… if you help the parish council with a slice of the land.”

Judge Paul Darlow of Exeter Crown Court sent the Paedophile monster James Wittaker down. A half decent judge, at least he never served up a lousy 33 months like the last judge in a labour party boy scout leader paedophile case.

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