Labour Party Parachuting Paedophiles

Just when you thought the Labour Party couldn’t get any more paedophilic,we have discovered that the Paedophile Labour Party’s ‘boy-buggering’Labour MP from Leicester West Greville Janner, had been replaced with a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange ( PIE ) the paedophile minded and paedophile protector, Patricia Hewitt. So, as one paedophile goes…. The Paedohile Labour Party ‘parachutes’ in another of it’s disciples of paedophilia.

 A brave little boy…

Paul Winston, was living in a youth hostel and was an innocent 13 year old child. He loved being a member of the boy scouts but was the victim of the Labour Party’s paedophile sex attacker Greville janner, who took it upon himself to be a boy scout administrator and was also a prominent leader of the Jewish Council in Leicester. The boy who was only 13 years old was groomed at first by Labour Party MP Greville Janner, then he took the boy to his house when his wife was out, and subjected the child to gross acts of indecency in his bed. The abuse of the child continued when Greville Janner took the boy on holiday and subjected him to more sexual abuse, at the Leicester Holiday Inn Hotel.. he sodomised the boy who was then only 14 years old. He sent gifts to the boy when he returned him to the hostel, such as a bicycle. The hostel manager was Frank Beck, a convicted child sex attacker who Labour Party paedophile Greville Janner knew.

A typical case once again… why do social services not check out all the Labour MPS and Councillors? Because the Labour paedophiles pay there wages !!

 The Trial…

Frank Beck, the boys hostel manager and a convicted child sex attacker was imprisoned at Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire. He had evidence to convict Greville Janner but died mysteriously of a heart attack in the gymnasium inside the prison. The trial then never came to court. The whole investigation involved the youth hostel, the Leicester social services, and an address for a paedophile ‘rent-boy’ house.

Was this hostel, this place? The paedophile rent-boy house was set up by greville Janner and another Labour Party paedophile Councillor. Who was he/she? Are they one of the Labour25 now already convicted for a different crime against children? At Frank Beck’s trial for sexual abuse.. he said ‘ Greville Janner has been abusing at least one boy for 2 years at least.’

Labour Party Paedophile Greville Janner had escaped being prosecuted for the sexual abuse of a child. We will never know who the other Labour Party Paedophile is who tried to set up the paedophile rent-boy house in Leicester. Frank Beck told his barrister of evidence of another victim of Labour Party Paedophile Greville Janners reign of sexual abuse on children.

The other witness was not a victim, but watched Greville Janner abuse another child, whom they would need to ask to take the stand.

Labour Party standing ovation for a Paedophile

When Greville Janner’s case never went to trial because of the death of the witness, he entered Parliament and received a standing ovation and cheers and applause by all the Labour Party MP’s. That’s what the Labour Party think of the sodomised child, Paul Winston who was subjected to the evil paedophilic Labour Party child sex monster Greville Janner. The paedophile Labour Party cover-up murdering scumbags that they are. we will never know who the other Labour Party paedophile was who tried to set up the paedophile rent-boy house in Leicester.

The Labour Party in 1997 was the retiring year for Paedophile Greville Janner. The Labour Party replaced paedophile Greville Janner with Paedophile Information Exchange member Patricia Hewitt. Labour party paedophile Greville Janner was made a ‘Lord’ and became Lord Greville Janner. At the time just before his trial, the witness against him died… Labour Party paedophile Lord Greville Janner was also at that time, a QC.

The Labour Party..

Replace a Paedophile, with a paedophile, so when they lose one… they Parachute one in !

The Labour Party is a Paedophile Party. 

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4 Responses to Labour Party Parachuting Paedophiles

  1. Dave says:

    He was in the Commons using parliamentary privilege to deny it all and his friend MPs were strategically placed all around him in an empty chamber to make it look like the place was packed and he was really popular.

    • Dave says:

      Hewitt has an Australian passport which she will not let expire in case she has to make a quick exit down under.

  2. Ted GIiles says:

    keith vaz

  3. c sullivan says:

    Is there a petition to get the decision not to prosecute reversed? If not there should be!!!

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