Labour Party Paedophile Pervert & ‘Peeping Tom.

Labour Party Councillor found guilty of opening a
Pornographic Email in front of a child.

Labour Party Paedophile Councillor Neil Redrup was found guilty of opening
a Pornographic email in front of a child and allowing a child to see its contents.
Evil Neil Redrup a Labour Party Councillor and paedophile pervert
Admitted the offence along with an act of gross indecency.
Labour Party Paedophile Neil Redrup blamed his convictions on the fact
that his wife had left him, and he didn’t know what he was doing, he told
the Southampton Crown Court. Trying to gain sympathy for a gross act like
this, did not fool the judge as his sentence was passed.

Labour Councillor Neil Redrup also Hid a Video Camera in his Bathroom.

Detective constable Barbara Hamilton explained that a great deal of work
had gone into the police investigations of Labour Councillor Neil Redrup.
She was relieved that he had been found guilty. The child was in danger
because Neil redrup had also been a peeping Tom. He had been filming
everybody who was using his toilet in his bathroom. He used a hole used for
a toilet roll holder in the cupboard door to peep the camera through.
Police seized Labour Party councillor Neil Redrup’s Computer in a raid
at his home in Gosport, and brought the evidence against Neil Redrup to light.
Labour Party Councillor Neil Redrup age 45 erased the videos
once he watched them.

Was the child who was in his house filmed using
that bathroom?

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