Paedophilia in the mind of the Labour activists.

‘He placed an add in the shop window as
a child minder claiming he was with the
NSPCC, Then he repeatedly raped my little girl.’
A mother told the Court.
(Child One)

A Labour Party activist placed an advertisement in a local shop window, advertising
himself as a ‘baby-sitter’. What happened after he was placed in the trust of a single
mother was horrific. This Labour Party activist gained the trust of the vulnerable single mum,
by showing a picture of himself with Labour Party double paedophile cover-up prime
minister Tony Blair. The Labour Party activist also claimed to have worked for the NSPCC
for Ten years, an obvious lie.

When gaining the trust of the vulnerable single mum,
he repeatedly raped her four year old daughter.
The Labour Party activist was arrested after his flat was searched and an
Indecent photo of the child was discovered.
Then he was allowed to do this ………………………

Labour Party activist woke my 9 year old daughter
to watch Hard-Core Pornography.
A single Mum told the court….
(Child Two)

The same Labour Party activist strikes again…
This time with a 9 year old girl….
He waited for her mother to leave, then his sex attacks on the child began.
He awakened the child continously in her sleepy state, and made her watch
hard-core pornography whilst being indecent. This evil Labour Party paedophile
was finaly caught when the child said to her mother…

‘Mummy.. he’s doing rude things to me’

Labour Party activist Mark Tann received 15 years in prison.
24 counts of Indecency with a girl of 9 years old plus
2 counts of RAPE with a 4 year old girl.
go check it out yourselves……..
Another Labour Party Activist….
Message for the Labour Party…
How many of the 12 children that YOUR activist,
that YOU put in charge of raping children,
went on to develop AIDS in Liverpool & Hackney?
‘Not only did this Labour Party activist rape children
in a care home where he worked, but he had…
Labour Party run ‘money slags’ Liverpool City Council
Labour Party run ‘nest of vipers’ Hackney Council
Hid the fact that One of their activists who worked as a social worker in Liverpool
and Hackney was sexualy abusing children in care homes in Liverpool and
Hackney where he worked.

This Labour activist had FULL BLOWN AIDS
Yet Liverpool City Council and Hackney Council didn’t even check this mans
health or his background of placing a person involved with the LABOUR PARTY,
with a job caring for vulnerable children. In court, both council were called into
question into the inquiry how this could happen. Hackney Council was accused of
covering the sex scandal up because they wanted to protect thier Labour Party
Labour…. ‘Activists first… children LAST !’
So what are the Labour Party activists paid out with? They are paid out by placing
them in positions to which they can practise their sexual deviency and prey on
children. Like in care homes or with the NSPCC or placed onto School councils
or being placed into positions of trust with children like the Three Labour School
Governors who have all been found guilty of distributing Hundreds of child pornographic
images over the internet. How many card carrying Labour Members are ‘Foster Parents?’
Have they been ‘Checked out?’ Has there ever been an investigation into the Labour Party
over its attraction by paedophiles? NO. You would think if there was anything decent
about that party, they would have.
Labour Party activist Mark Trotter was a

This monster died before his trial after abusing 12 children.

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4 Responses to Paedophilia in the mind of the Labour activists.

  1. Keith Moore. says:

    Hang the lot of them. Paedos AND Lie-bore supporters.

  2. Mark Haynes says:

    This sort of vermin needs putting down. Labour cover-ups disgust me.

  3. asdfasdfasdf says:

    I guess you need to be unnaturally devious to belong to both groups so it does make sense.

  4. Georgia says:

    Fomos duplamente surpreendidos. (English – ‘We were doubly surprised’)

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