Sunderland Labour councillor Thomas Wright jailed for 15 years for sex attacks on children

A Sunderland Labour councillor who was branded a “horrific paedophile” by one of his victims has been jailed for more than 15 years for a series of sickening sex attacks on Children.

Thomas Wright, who was Labour councillor for the city’s Pennywell ward for 18 years, committed vile acts involving four children.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the now 67-year-old targeted both male and female children between 1968 and 1982.

One of his victims spoke out about his ordeal at the time and although Wright was spoken to by the authorities, no action was taken against him.

Judge Stephen Earl has now jailed Wright for a total of 15 years and four months, with lifelong sex offender registration and sexual harm prevention order.

The judge said society has to now bear some “shame” for the way victims of abuse were treated in the past and added: “Mr Wright, on his own admissions, was interviewed.

“It would appear no action was taken.

“This is somewhat regrettable.”

Judge Earl told the court: “As a society, we must share some shame for failing to recognise and act appropriately on such complaints at the time.”

Judge Earl said Wright’s “role in public life is not only tarnished but trampled in the dust”.

Christopher Rose, prosecuting told the court at the last hearing that the offences involved Wright making his victims perform a sex act on him and sexual activity.

Mr Rose described one victim’s experience in which Wright taunted her with a teddy bear called Andy, who she was allowed to play with only if she did as she was told.

Two of Wright’s victims bravely faced their abuser and impact statements to the court in person at the previous hearing.

One victim said: “From a very young age I have known you to be a child sexual predator.

“From the moment you told me not to tell anyone, otherwise we would both get into trouble, I have had to carry that burden for 50 years.

“You robbed me of ever having children as I feared, wrongly in my case, that the abused would become the abuser.

“I was too young to make sense of what you were doing to me at the time.

“I grew up living in confusion and emotional pain.”

He said Wright had committed “evil and despicable acts” and that he had robbed him of the chance to tell the court and the wider world his truth.

He added: “I now hope that the world will see you as you truly are – a horrific paedophile – and others who have been abused will find the courage to come forward and tell their truth.”

Another victim said: “I know I have hidden myself behind this mask for a long time, 30 plus years since my abuse.

“I wanted to come forward about the abuse by Tommy Wright but I felt no-one would believe me.

“For years I thought no-one would believe me.

“I was afraid of men, I couldn’t trust them and this ruined my relationship with my father.

“I commend him for pleading guilty which means we, his victims, don’t have to go through the trauma of a trial.”

Mr Rose read two other victim impact statements out to the court.

One victim said: “I have never been able to talk about the abuse with anyone. I was so ashamed.

“I was trying to suppress the guilt.

“I was feeling worthless and unloveable.”

Another victim said: “When I was younger this abuse made me fearful of men.

“I felt vulnerable. I feel there should be justice done.

“I am so glad I have had this opportunity to tell what happened to me and get Tommy Wright the punishment he deserves.”

Wright, of First Street, Consett, pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault against a male, two counts of indecent assault against a female and three counts of committing serious sexual offences against a male.

Liam O’Brien, defending, said Wright had served his local community, as a Labour councillor for 18 years and as chairman of the Tyne and Wear Fire Authority.

Mr O’Brien said Wright is morbidly obese, uses crutches and has had back and heart problems “the effect of all of this is that he struggles with his day to day life.”

He asked the judge to consider the impact of the defendant’s incarceration on his family and said: “He has created the situation and he deserves to be punished but they do not.”

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28 Responses to Sunderland Labour councillor Thomas Wright jailed for 15 years for sex attacks on children

  1. Sage56 says:

    How many more of these Labour paedophile’s are there?

  2. 12.11.1995ok says:

    Size of him a bet he eaten most of the other victims he had.

  3. Gail-Kingston/Hull5 says:

    F@t perv peaderfile hope it rots in jail. And y do they let them out???????ffs

  4. MickSalisbury61 says:

    This freak needs a hard of rope. Just thinking that the victims could be us. Just imagine what they feel having that thing attacking them. Why years why not life after all he’s ruined the victims lives.

  5. SteveClarkeyRangers34 says:

    Labour party expect only kiddy fiddlerz.

  6. CainT.82 says:

    Labour rats. Just rats all of them. Bags of sweeties and away they go. Nonces.

  7. MazWhitty73 says:

    F*****g horrible fat perverts. My dad used to vote for them and if he could see how paedophilic they are he’d turn in his grave. Damn you!

    • SandyKersh.90 says:

      Not his fault Maz don’t bla.e him. The paedophile in Labour has only come out in the past 30 yrs. They’ve just been raping kids for years so bad I know but dont blame him. X

  8. Oneinamilliongirl20 says:

    OMG, just clicked a link here from twitter and I can’t believe it all. Shiiiiitttttt! I’m gonna retweet this.

  9. MarcusWhitty89 says:

    Filthy b*****ds. Hurting kids all the time. B******! What sort of person hurts little kids? I’m glad they got him.

  10. Qthecreator99 says:

    Hope he getts B***ed in prison see how he likes it.

  11. Barnoldswick.TH says:

    Well done to the victims on their victory. So many victims of the Labour paedophile organisation.

  12. ThamesideGeoff says:

    Labour Councillers are all the same. Gary Glitter party.

  13. Richfield-a-la-carte says:

    As per usual your left wing party perverts once again. It’s a pantomime every day with labour n the kids.

  14. Cumbrianguy51 says:

    F*t c**t needs the chair. Them people who got abused should sue the labour party

  15. GucciGirl18 says:

    Filth filth filth filth filth!! Labour wot u expect frim labour?????????? Damn him. They should wan him to die in prison.

  16. TrevinLeigh1968 says:

    And here we go again MORE and more of them. I don’t think this will ever stop. About time they were barred from being a party. All the stink in one basket.

  17. YvonneL999 says:

    Only 15 years for touching kids??
    It’s a joke.

  18. D.Harrison.Poole says: where do you get your sources from? I’ve never seen this in mainstream TV.

    • Moderator6 says:

      The victims, their families, friends and even Parent Teachers Associations have sent information on the activities of the Labour party. We can’t thank them enough for their support in compiling the ever growing list of the Labour parties paedophile agenda. Labour is not a party to be a member or be affiliated with.

  19. Crimean85 says:

    He looks a right t*** in that labour hat. Advertising his party’s dirty secrets under it.

  20. Lovemycountry19 says:

    Got to tweet this site thanx so much.

  21. LUFC4EVA says:

    OMFG! neva voting for labour when am 18.

  22. EastenderLuke. says:

    The paedophile’s dream labour. All in there that gang after the little ones. Bet theres loads more also

  23. dave murrell says:

    It is sickening that people like this walk our streets.

  24. Lee Ingram says:

    How many does that make it in total now?

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