Walsall Labour Council leader escapes prison sentence for paedophile offences

Sean Coughlan had pleaded guilty to two child sex offence charges at an earlier hearing

Walsall Council leader Sean Coughlan has avoided a jail sentence for two child sex offences he confessed to committing. At a sentencing hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court (Thursday, March 17), all Judge Michael Chambers said was that the 65-year-old had suffered a “great fall from grace”.

The court heard how Coughlan had set up a secret Facebook page called “Our Private Place” where he sent pictures of his penis and encouraged a child to engage in penetrative sex. But it turned out to be part of a paedophile hunter sting and his crimes came to light when he was confronted by members of the Northwest Paedophile Hunters, who posted a 30 minute video of the meeting on social media on December 3.

This resulted in him being arrested and then charged by West Midlands Police. He has been in custody ever since. Coughlan, of Martin Close, Willenhall had pleaded guilty to attempting to cause a child to engage in penetrative sexual activity and attempting to engage in sexual communication with another young child at a previous hearing on February 18.

This represented a change of mind from Coughlan, who had originally pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the judge on January 18. Antoine Muller, prosecuting, said that in a police interview Coughlan admitted he was a “sexual predator”.

In mitigation, it was revealed his wife and fellow councillor Diane Coughlan had submitted a reference in support of her husband, as did some other unnamed Labour Party councillors and other family members. 

Judge Chambers subjected him to a 18 month community order with a requirement to undertake 30 days rehabilitation. Coughlan is also the subject of a five year sexual harm prevention order which prohibits the use of any devices with access to the internet, unless he is supervised, and bars him from having any contact with children.

It was also noted he had been remanded in custody since his arrested in December. Judge chambers said: “The sexual abuse of a child is clearly a serious matter.

“You engaged on the internet and communicated with a person you believed to be a  child. The communication was of a sexual nature. This was frequent and you sent images of your penis and asked for images of the child and spoke of penetrative sexual activity.” 

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27 Responses to Walsall Labour Council leader escapes prison sentence for paedophile offences

  1. MikeC2019 says:

    Great video! Posting that everywhere.

    • ThomWakefield43 says:

      And me, got it on twitter now. Just looked at the list on this site, all them Labour school governors, Can’t believe it.. but can.

  2. Hennypenny61 says:

    That’s disgusting. Must be about 70 of them now. Those hunters did great capturing this dirty b*****d.

  3. Doug says:

    I note his wife and fellow Labour Councillors came out in support for him and that is all you need to know about the Labour Party, it is riddled with paedophiles. He should be doing time in prison, a lot of time in prison.

    • SallyGreen55 says:

      Utter Labour scumbag as usual. That party is riddled with child sex attackers. Why do these monsters always get out of prison???

  4. Bluemooncityfan21 says:

    Another labour paedo caught with his PIE. Rats.

  5. Tahdahh31 says:

    Labour, one again, as expected.

  6. Caththebest64 says:

    OMG the perv. He went to meet a young girl as well and these fellas got him. PERVERT!!!!!

  7. Geoffthedart says:

    Dick pictures. Whats wrong with him 4 gods sake???

  8. GraceD1970 says:

    Sh.t is that him with Corbyn?

  9. Jo@thestig says:

    Will his wife and daughter be proud they got him off with this dirty crime? I see they are close to him, they should be askin him if he had met any kids that were real not a set up!

  10. LucindaJessop1. says:

    Sh.t that’s Jeremy Corbyn with a paedophile omg!!!!!!!!

  11. Wolvesfan2002 says:

    Why did he get off with it he’s our council leader he was trusted here in Walsall to do a job and to serve the people. @rsehole.

    • SallyGreen55 says:

      Had that problem up here as well. Labour is the biggest paedophile organisation. Nobody trusts them here anymore with their kids. The worse thing is the hypocritical council who support them. The one up here got 5 years. Don’t know what happened down your way pal.

  12. Eileen-the-best-nanna says:

    I live in Willenhall and I’m glad he’s gone. Shame on his mrs for protecting him. He should have done at least a few years away. This is what p.sses me right off. We’ve got children and these Labour councillors could do this to our own but some people only do owt when its done to their own kids but sod everyone elses but this is wrong n why they get away with it all the time. Makes us angry. Hope he keeps out of Willenhall.

  13. NicktheD*ck.L. says:

    F…..g dirty Labour peed. This is what happens when they get power. Sending d.ck pix and actually admitting it on camera like he knew he wouldn’t get away with it. Labour b…..d.

  14. Whosaprettyboythen? says:

    Jesus it’s Corbyn with him. That video is sick man.

  15. SteConnorNottsCFC4eva says:

    Thanks for the link to this site. Is it ok to put on facebook to share??

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