Labour Party shadow minister Eric Joyce pleads guilty to making indecent movie of child

Labour Party shadow minister Eric Joyce was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register after admitting to making a sex movie with a one-year-old child.

The disgraced Labour MP was accused of making a movie in the most serious A category of indecency, on a device.

Judge Emma Peters said that the movie, found on a device, “depicts a number of children”.

“Some are very young, one is said to be 12-months-old,” she said. “Clearly a category-A movie.”

Joyce, 59, of Worlingworth, Suffolk was granted bail after pleading guilty at Ipswich Crown Court on Tuesday and was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register.

Judge Peters also instructed that a report be prepared before the Labour Party shadow minister is sentenced on August 7.

She warned Joyce that the offence crosses the custody threshold, adding that the court “takes such incidents very seriously” as they “fuel the abuse of children”

Joyce was charged under the Protection of Child Act after being arrested on in Worlingworth on November 6, 2018.

He was then released under investigation until being summonsed to appear before magistrates this week.

The MP issued a statement about his charge on his website in June.

He said: “The matter of my charge, announced today, will be dealt with in the first instance on 7 July at Ipswich Crown Court.

“I will make no comment from now until all legal processes are at a close. At that point, I will make a full statement.”

The crime was said to have taken place between August 7, 2013 and November 6,2018.

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35 Responses to Labour Party shadow minister Eric Joyce pleads guilty to making indecent movie of child

  1. david murrell says:

    the sexual exploitation of children should carry a life sentence.

  2. Alex pemberton says:

    Absolutely disgraceful. What do you expect though from the Marxist Labour filth party.

  3. says:

    Eric Joyce.. he’s been arrested before for something I’m sure.. dirty ba.tard.

  4. CalumStephens1973 says:

    I started reading this site years ago and I cant believe how many there are now of these Labour25 beasts.

  5. Claire@LancasterUni says:

    Eric Joyce.. my dad never liked him. He said he was a lizard.. now I know what he meant!

  6. UTD4eva says:

    A 1yr old in a dirty video on his phone the sick Tw.. .

  7. Margaret-one-n-only28 says:

    Thanks for putting this up. I’m thinking of passing your leaflets into the hands of parents to warn them of what Labour have been doin to our children.

  8. Gavin Wakefield says:

    This guy years ago would face the rope.

  9. Brian Renfield esq. says:

    “There are pills in the army for guys like him”
    One sick mutha fucker.

  10. Rattythebiggreyrat1 says:

    Was he a school governor like most of the others? Need to check this monster out.

  11. F@ckthosef@ckerz says:

    Karl Marx and his bloodline have taught him well.

  12. Amerie2167 says:

    Shared the link on twitter. Dirty rat.

  13. Ailsa Ptera 82' says:

    I feel sick. A one year old baby the dirty nutjob. Why a baby? Fuck hes one of them vampyres!!!!!!!

  14. Yvette Stirling 565 says:

    Just shared this on facebook. Evil Evil piece of shite. Labour av got all these doin stuff to kids like. Party of peedys.

  15. Charlie Blackpool crew says:

    12 months old and who could possibly want to do stuff with that and get away with it its sick. On his moby as well. Will share.

  16. DuranfanRio3 says:

    Dirty Labour NONCE !!!!!!!!

  17. NorthamptonCyclist says:

    Puke, Puke and more PUKE !! WHEN WILL THEY STOP?? Never, never, never !!

  18. LittleAL1985 says:

    Here we have typical day in the life of the Labour party, a Cultural Marxist indoctrinated cess pit of paedophile red filth. The sheep keep voting for these beasty rats, will they awaken one day maybe?

  19. ChrisHoneyMonster1962 says:

    I would love to attend that court hearing but it could alter the judges decision if he sees people protesting. This labour shithead needs 20 years in ghe nick.

  20. BatleyGirl2001 says:

    OMG I feel sick. U dirty sicko.

  21. My name is TEX! says:

    Love the picture “We do it for PIE”. Sharing it on the internet!

  22. Whitewash2001 says:

    Dirty little Marxist. All in Labour doin it by the looks of things.

  23. EthanMcHunt007 says:

    A 1 year old. Freemason Zio shitheads.

  24. KarlFulhamFC says:

    The new ‘Baby eating bishop of Bath & Wells.

  25. ChelseaGal3 says:

    There must be about 70 of these now. Just imagine being a leafletter goin round doors for labour next election.. How can they look people in the eye after this? There’s no shame in these dirtbags.

  26. NewYorker1956 says:

    Heard of ‘Eric the Viking,’ this is ‘Eric the sick twisted fuck’. Thanks for sharing from the US!

  27. Trish_n_ Barnsley says:

    Urghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!😟 only a baby. Sick or what?

  28. MikePendragon347 says:

    He’s gonna make a statement?? Gotta here this one before his paymasters get him off.

  29. Sign of the times 79 says:

    Patricia Hewitt would have been proud of him! I wonder if Harriet Harman will congratulate him?

  30. Carl mason says:

    This highlights labour as the party that hides and protects its paedos whilst betraying the British workers. This nasty party should be banned.

  31. Afterdinnerjazz says:

    He’s just been found guilty in court. The dirty swine.

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