Ex Labour Lord Mayor Barry Dodson charged with child rape

Labour Party Mayor Barry Dodson Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundROTHERHAM Labour Party councillor Barry Dodson has been charged with child rape offenses less than three weeks after stepping down as Labour Lord Mayor.

Acting on a local police tip off a prominent figure in the local Labour party council asked Mayor Dodson to step down before an inevitable police investigation.

Barry Dodson burying the truthThe Rotherham East councillor had resigned from the Labour Party on Friday but said he was staying on as a (((PIE?))) independent.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed a 66-year-old Rotherham man had been arrested on Friday and had been released on bail.

Cllr Dodson was sworn in as Lord Mayor on June 6 but quit exactly three weeks later.

He has made no comment since except that the resignation was for “personal reasons”.

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13 Responses to Ex Labour Lord Mayor Barry Dodson charged with child rape

  1. dave murrell says:

    this is just the tip of the political paedophile iceberg which has a long way to go before it even begins reach the waterline, paedophelia should carry an automatic minimum sentence just as it does for the innocent victims.

  2. sheila davies says:

    Mayor for just a few weeks??
    Guilty as hell in my book.

  3. Rotherham fan says:

    Total Labour25 ratbag.

  4. Elvisizalive says:

    He needs the book throwing at him, commie bastard.

  5. clairethinker says:

    One more Labour scum. Just like the rest.

  6. John Vanbar says:

    Who is policing the police?

    • John Vanbar. First of all John tell me and every one out here who is responsible for policing the police and will we ever really know as all they need to say is “that it’s a matter of security to keep the identity of the faceless one’s secret”. Then we are painting ourselves into the corner and away from the open window. To be honest I doubt that 1 in 25 of the population in this country realise’s who pay to support the police financially and how that money is gathered. G.

  7. end the suffering says:

    MR DODSON is a Feoffee of the Common Lands this is historically the most important position of the town. There are only 12 Feoffees like the 12 Apostles.

  8. Pingback: The Tap Blog | More political child rape. Stop voting for political parties. Vote only for the candidate. Still not even one conviction after hundreds of revelations.

  9. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  10. Ash Rosetti says:

    They are all corrupt. These individuals who are in a position of trust think they can get away with it- how could he do this?! Utter pure diabolical filth. The victims will sadly have to live with the pain and abuse for the rest of their lives. The painful memories live on forever and ever. 😦

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