P.I.E comes before a fall:

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BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini admits Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliacThe exposure of Jimmy Savile as a necrophiliac and a paedophile child rapist has exploded revealing a debauched and sickening haven of paedophilic rape that appears to stretch back decades. This revelation provides startling credibility to the accusations levelled against the Establishment by Parents against paedophiles (P.A.P).  The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) inquiryThey believe that a massive paedophile ring operates via the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) through the halls of power.

The government and the BBC work hand in hand and this has been demonstrated through the school and media syllabi. Parents have seen how over a decade of New Labour has manipulated the school curriculum to its homophile and explicitly sexual agenda. In this same period of time children’s programming on particularly the BBC has followed the same root. Meanwhile, as more and more ‘celebrities’ are arrested in relation to the Paedophile Government MP's - Bryn Estyn Children’s Home in WalesSavile case the media (BBC) continue to down play the significance. The government is now attempting to manage the fallout from the Savile ‘affaire’, highlighting only the recently dead or bygone ‘celebrities’, and making damn sure no political figures are smeared. The media is keeping this paedophile scandal tight within the confines of the Conservative Party and away from the New Labour arena even though the government are well aware of Labour25’s existence still the controlled Zionist media conveniently ‘ignore’ its This is what a paedophile supporter looks like (Harriet Harman)presence. The fact is Labour MP Harriet Harman was seen only recently providing her own ‘considered’ opinion on the immorality of child rape. A lightening turn around considering it was she who was complicit in wanting the age of consent Peter Tatchell with Unison in the background (Labour25)lowered and incest decriminalised. Prominent Gay ‘rights’ lobbyist and active on the Labour scene, Peter Tatchell is also never far away from an interview. Nevertheless however much the BBC attempt to ‘contain’ this paedophile rape amongst dead ‘conservatives’ the reality is that Labour MP’s Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt, heavily involved in The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and notable left-wing Germaine Greere with BBC in background (Labour25)figures the likes of Germaine Greer, Tatchell  are all still continuing to influence public life.

Parents Against Paedophiles (P.A.P) Outside Wembley Stadium 2012 (A)The truth is Parents against Paedophiles (P.A.P) are sick to death that the media (BBC), particularly since the Jimmy Savile case, insists on talking in past tense about crimes they know are taking place at this very moment and are determined that the establishment will not be Parents Against Paedophiles (P.A.P) Outside Wembley Stadium 2012 (B)allowed to mask over this scandal. If the public can be pacified by the establishment’s sleight of hand this abominable event will be buried just as numerous government ‘enquires’ of the past; illegal wars under the guise of Weapons of Destruction, The death of Dr David Kelly, Phone hacking.  Meanwhile the mass is absorbed in X Factor, American Idol or some other brain dead garbage and the establishment continues to extort, rape and murder with seeming impunity.

Parents Against Paedophiles (P.A.P) Outside the BBC Studios 2012The recent London activity outside BBC shepherds Bush, part of a larger campaign that up to now has been spear headed by concerned parents- Parents against Paedophiles (P.A.P) and closely aligned to Labour25, I am assured will spiral into a Nationwide campaign. Support for direct action has led to massive requests for information. Labour25 calls on all citizens at this time who are involved with anti-paedophile activity. The Nation’s most vulnerable-the children are at risk from the very people meant to protect. The streets should ring with the voice of outrage that this rotten perverted core that calls itself the voice of the Nation is allowed to continue with its agenda.

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16 Responses to P.I.E comes before a fall:

  1. Philip Thompson says:

    Thank you for this information Sabine.


    Reblogged this on Ufohunterorguk.com.

  3. Didofan83 says:

    OMG ! You people are for real. let me know when you are out again and i will join you with my sister.

  4. Mrmeee says:

    great article. About time somebody exposed these labour peeeedys

  5. franknjane says:

    My god ! just got a link off facebook to this. Dirty Bastards an we voted for Labour n all.

  6. Gangnam guy 92 says:

    SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT !!!! that looks scary. but if you don’t look scary.. no one will notice you.

  7. trina cloughy 1974 says:

    At last they are being exposed. well done to PAP, u guys are awsome.

  8. toff at the top says:

    i bet they got a great response as well.

  9. Aileen piecraft says:

    That germaine Greer is ONE COW.

  10. peter oakes says:

    Lack of knowledge is truly staggering ! George Robertson ex Labor minister of defence is a paedo. involved in child abuse Dunblane. Tony shipped him out to Euro Parliament to avoid
    exposure ! Labor controlled judge “ordered” Dunblane enquiry findings to be locked
    away for 100 years ! Now then, Now then, Hows about that, Hows about that then Jimmy
    Savile. come on folks we are on a roll ! Hillsborough, bent cops falsifying evidence ? thats now,t paedo judges hide the truth ! but the truth will win, given time, even the police are sick of
    the filthy service they work in ! But good cops are fighting back ! and they will keep up the arrests because
    every rotten bastard spills his guts ! and reveals the names of their accomplices,s

    And for further info. Google: Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophiles even PIE
    crops up ! and that was in 1996 a full 16 years ago !

  11. viv townshend says:

    brilliant!!!!!!never heard of p.a.p. till now..notice yr protest outside sheperds bush b.b.c. went entirely unreported?!!mmm!!!id love to help anyway,anytime,anyhow..im fighting my own solitary battle against child abuse and cover up,s in the south east…was a happy day for me when i realised at last that savil nonceand necrophile was exposed,but im a news addict,so ive already accepted it will go no further than savile and his drones.shame,but true…!!!!!!!!im pissed off the way that horror bag ms.currie swerved her way out of her responsibilities for blithly handed the keys of broadmoor to him!!!!!!no real explanation has been forthcoming.only excuses,which were her putting the blame on him,which of course is his fault,but her dereliction of her duty makes her his enabler.end of!!loads more weirdy men,and women yet to be caught.i live in hope!!!haut de garrene needs reopening,as was it only me that noticed how that inquiry was halted the minute saviles name got mentioned,as id guessed it would,and guessed it would end a.s.a.p after that!truly there are dark forces at work…..

  12. clairethinker says:

    Keep up the good work guys and please alys try to give sources for what you say.

  13. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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