War heroes children abused (Labour25)

Labour Party senior Councillor gives new Identity to a serial Paedophile Headmaster who abused the Children of a Falklands war Veteran.

Sick Labour Party Senior Councillor Derek Sawyer for Islington Council & NOW Chairman of the ‘London Region Courts Board’ set up ‘educational companies’ to allow the NEW Identity of Paedophile Headmaster Derek Slade to be passed through its system using a fake name and CV.

Headmaster Derek Slade, had abused no less than 12 underage boys between the ages of 8 years old and 13 years old. the boys attended the Military Academy of St Georges school in Finborough in the County of Suffolk. His Peadophile reign of terror on these children lasted over 5 years. Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer helped paedophile Derek Slade the first time around when Paedophile Derek Slade had been jailed for 3 months for savagely beaten boys at Dalesdown School in the County of Sussex. Someone in a high position got Paedophile Derek Slade out of prison early, but Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer Denied he had helped the evil paedophile Derek Slade.

The Labour Party’s Paedophile overseas agenda for children…’International British Educational Projects’

Labour Councillor Derek Sawyer set up an educational program with the paedophile Derek Slade, under Derek Slade’s NEW name called Dr Edward Marsh. This name was taken from a child who had died in the 1950’s. the educational program was set up to help children in India and other third world countries… ones ‘rife‘ in child prostitution.

It is obvious that paedophile rings were going to be set up by the Labour Party for it’s paedophile Mayors, MP’s, MEP’s, Councillors & Activists, in poor countries to satisfy these Labour Party disciples of ‘paedophile sex tourism.’

Because of Paedophile Derek Slade’s Labour Party help, his Identity was maintained a secret for years by the Islington Labour Council while boys were being abused in all 12 care homes. Two of the boys that were abused by Derek Slade at the St Georges School were the sons of a Falklands war Veteran.

The school was a Boarding Military Academy, and their father had put his faith in the School until his

return from serving with the Armed Forces. Derek Slades new Identity given to him by Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer, allowed the evil Paedophile to Beast the Two boys.

Derek Slade was finaly captured when he and Labour Party Councillors Derek Sawyer set up a sugar company in Swaziland, a charity called ‘Help A Poor Child’ which was behind the finacial running of a haven for homeless Indian children, called ‘IBEP’ and Paedophile Derek Slade’s photograph was recognised by one of his abusers in a photo on the internet.

Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer, set these businesses and Child Charities up and then, quickly resigned from them leaving Evil Paedophile Derek Slade in charge.

In court, Labour Party Councillor Derek Sawyer denied being part of the ‘setting up’ of Paedophile Derek Slade in a charity at St. Georges Military School to which Derek Slade was appointed. The charity was called ‘Angelmoss. ‘One abused child who was made to join Paedophile Derek Slade’s ‘midnight Feast’ was sexualy abused and caned by Derek Slade.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge was pushed aside because in her islington constituency, 12 of the care homes had been infiltrated with Paedophiles. She was replaced by another Paedophile Protector..

Labour’s Derek Sawyer… it just couldn’t get any worse.

When an Independent Inquiry had found that Islington Council had Employed 26 Child Pornographers and Child Prostituion ‘Pimps’ yet Islington Council under Labour Partys Derek Sawyer, Barred any information on these Paedophiles and nobody was arrested. Just like with his friend Paedophile Derek Slade, Paedophile a Protection racket was right up on the Labour Party’s main agenda.

The ‘Help a poor child’ ( HAPC ) charity set up by Paedophile Derek Slade under his new name Dr Edward Marsh had donations pooring into its school in India, especialy from another source in Leicester. The fund raising money was coming from the efforts of None other than Labour MP for Leicester, Keith Vaz.

Derek Slade was caught finaly when one of his victims recognised him, not as Dr Edward Marsh, but as the evil Paedophile Derek Slade whom the Labour Party had given a new Identity.

The child who caught him was one of the sons of the Falklands War Veteran.

Police raided Derek Slades home in Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire and found 70,000 images of abused children who were also Swahili and Indian. Derek Slade admitted over 14 assault charges against boys and was found guilty of at least 5 rapes on boys and sexual assaults. Derek Slade recorded the boys being whipped, caned and beaten.

That’s the sort of people protected by the Labour Party.

Sentence was passed and the 50 boys assaulted and abused by Derek Slade all cheered. Detective Inspector Adrian Randall is continuing his Investigations into this case.

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3 Responses to War heroes children abused (Labour25)

  1. Dave says:

    Hodge couldn’t have cared less about what went on when she was a councillor in Islington. And of course she has also been Minister for Children.Only a twisted individual would take such a job with her reputation and whoever gave her the job knew of her dodgy past and enjoyed ‘rehabilitating’ Enver Hodge.

  2. Julie Hellqvist says:

    “Dr Edward Marsh” thought he could get away with infiltrating our small community in Swaziland, but it didn’t take us long to work out that he was not what he said he was. I ran a pre-school in Big Bend Swaziland, and wrote about my concerns. I came under some criticism from the people who placed him as head of the schools there. but he left shortly afterwards. I was ecstatic to hear that he had been arrested and sentenced to 21 years in jail. I like to think that we all stand up for the children who need our protection. I hope all the sick individuals who pray on young children get what they deserve. I think often of the boys in England and India whose lives they have destroyed, and thank God I had the balls to speak up when I did. Julie Hellqvist

    • Haylou says:

      Hi Julie,

      Have you got any idea what happened to looking into Derek Sawyer?
      I advocate for those abused in Islington and Derek Sawyer, as it seems, has gotten away with his role in the abuse of children.

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