Labour Lord Mayor jailed for child sex offences

Leeds Labour lord Mayor Neil Taggart was jailed for 32 months on (Tues July 4) after admitting a string of child sex offences.

Police armed with a search warrant raided his home in Marlowe Crescent, Garforth, on September 23 last year while he was on holiday abroad with his family.

Computer equipment was seized including a desktop computer, hard drives and USB memory sticks.

Police discovered a total of 36,003 rape images and videos of children including 5,488 at category A – the most serious level.

Taggart served as Leeds Labour lord mayor, a Labour city councillor and chairman of West Yorkshire Police Authority.

Detective Superintendent Pat Twiggs, who led the West Yorkshire Police investigation, said after sentencing: “The crimes he pleaded guilty to represent a high volume of images – many of the most serious kind – and cover a significant period of time.”

The court heard that images featured children being sexually abused by adults – including children under five being violently raped.

Police also found 30 extreme images depicting sexual activity with animals.

Taggart, of Marlowe Court, Garforth, pleaded guilty to the offences.

Jailing Taggart for 32 months, judge Robin Mairs, said police had found a “library” of rape images of children on Taggart’s computer equipment.

Judge Mairs told Taggart: “I accept that both your personal and public reputation, that at one time stood high in the city, now effectively lies in the gutter.”

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8 Responses to Labour Lord Mayor jailed for child sex offences

  1. DICK R says:

    Not much about this on any of the BBC news programmes , imagine the coverage if he was UKIP or even a tory !

    • labour25 says:

      Regular reader contact has made it necessary to define explicitly why this site confines its attack to the Labour Party. Conventional ‘wisdom’ tells the voting public that there is a political spectrum ranging from ‘right’ to ‘left’. However, the stark reality is that regardless of party moniker Labour, Conservative, Green, Liberal, UKIP etc…it practices Cultural Marxism (political correctness) an ideology of the left confining public choice to the left (Marxism). This site conceives that the notion of the one party state instituted by the adoption of cultural Marxism may be difficult for the public to understand and accept. Therefore, it concentrates its attack on the known Party of the left opening the public’s eyes to the fact that it is the lefts corrupting influence that introduced Paedophilia into our society. –

  2. Duncan McFarlane says: – The German Federal Association for Proletarian Sexual Politics or SEXPOL was a Sexual Bolshevist and Cultural Marxist ideological subversion unit, founded in Berlin during 1931 by the Jewish agitator Wilhelm Reich as an official sub-section of the Communist Party of Germany. The ideological roots of the organisation emerged out of a synthesis of Freud and Marx, amongst Jewish psychoanalysts in Europe. The political agenda of SEXPOL was the abolition of laws against abortion and homosexuality, subversion of marriage and divorce laws, free-birth control advice and contraceptives, mothers encouraged to work in factories so children would be raised during the day in state-ideological nurseries, as well as the abolition of laws prohibiting sexual indoctrination of children at school. The obvious political intention behind this being of long-term “value” to the Jewish communists; weakening the family unit, cheapening the meaningfulness of sexual relations between man and woman (discouraging healthy, long-term relationships) and above all demographic genocide against the nation, by encouraging the birth of less children.

  3. Duncan McFarlane says: – Sexual Bolshevism is the politicization of sexual depraved acts and behaviours that are collectively described as mental disorders under the term paraphilias. Coined in Germany by Ludwig Hoppe, a Lutheran pastor from Berlin who in 1921 authored Sexual Bolshevism and Defense Against Same. Broadly it encapsulates Jewish Marxist persons and groups that continually seek acceptance of sexual depravity and lobby for changes to the legal and medical status of perverted sexual interests and practices. – – This is the origin of ‘sex education’ delivered to children in the classroom proving that it is a deliberate policy to undermine Europe.-

  4. dave murrell says:

    because of the obvious lack of interest in the MSM it just shows how long and deep the reach of the establishment is. under NWO all acts of depravity will be permissible hence the systematic devaluing of Christianity.

  5. Billy Shears says:

    32mths FFS. Was he rear ending the judge as well. What a bloody disgrace. He should have got at least 10yrs with no remission. And put in general population. Not fucking protected.

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