Drug dealing Labour councillor caught with thousands of rape images of children avoids jail

A Labour Party councillor has not been given a jail sentence despite being caught with thousands of rape images of children and being a drug dealer – in his own ward.

Labour councillor Tom Neilson, 33 and his lodger supplied drugs from his home where wild parties were also held.

When police raided his property in November 2015 they caught his lodger, Brendan Evans, with a stash of illegal substences and drugs paraphernalia.

Neilson’s computers were seized and officers found thousands of rape images of youngsters some involving sex with animals.

The Labour councillor for North West Leicestershire District Council, representing Measham South ward since 2011, resigned following his arrest.

Neilson and Evans, 27, both previously admitted possessing drugs, with intent to supply.

Neilson, of Measham, Leicestershire, further admitted three counts of possessing rape images of children between 2008 and 2015.

Yesterday, he was given a three-year community order with a requirement to undergo an internet sex offender programme and carry out 180 hours of unpaid work.

Evans, also from Measham, who has previous convictions for drug offences, was jailed for 20 months at Leicester Crown Court.

Sentencing, Judge Nicholas Dean QC told Neilson: ‘You’re in a different position to your co-accused.

‘You’re a man of good character and your offending was carried out in a different way.

‘These offences are taken seriously by the court; if it happens again you’ll be going to prison.

‘Indecent images were found on your computer, a different form of offending which is as serious, if not more.’

He said he accepted the defendant looked at the images after ‘straying’ from mainstream adult pornography.

The judge said he also accepted the recommendation in the pre-sentence report that Neilson should receive ‘appropriate rehabilitation’.

Judge Dean told Evans he had previously been jailed ‘for precisely the same offending’ which could not be overlooked by the court.

The court heard Neilson allowed himself to be involved by allowing parties to take place and drugs to be used on the premises.

James Bide-Thomas, prosecuting, said the defendant also used drugs himself and passed on messages relating to dealing.

Nicola Moore, defending Neilson, said: ‘If he’s sent to prison he won’t receive any form of assistance.’

She said the indecent images offending was ‘combined with problems he had with his drug use’, which is now being addressed.

Vasanti Vaitha, for Evans, asked for credit for his guilty plea and said: ‘He knows there can only be one outcome today.’

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21 Responses to Drug dealing Labour councillor caught with thousands of rape images of children avoids jail

  1. carole Lloyd says:

    Evil sod there is no excuse whatsoever for this behaviour and he should have gone to prison and I hope he is not an elected MP??

  2. sandstorm disco says:

    Labour councillor Tom Neilson should be castrated to protect innocent children

  3. JaneFitz68 says:

    How many is this now???

  4. Mandy31Essex says:

    Scumbag Labour at it again. They need shuttin down!

  5. BowierulzUK3 says:

    just been sent here from a link, WTF had no way ov knowing wots bin goin on…… bad shit.

  6. Mz-Josephine-Carmine says:

    I can’t believe it’s now 60. I read this website about 5 years ago and it was 25, now it’s 60. that’s like 7 being caught every year. Just thinking, everywhere grooming is…. Labour has the power especially in schools being governors. The Labour party is surely the party of the beasties..

  7. WindowCleaner85 says:


  8. JRHartington1_esq says:

    Another beast from the party of kiddy fiddlers. just arrest the lot of them and throw away the bloody key. when will it stop??? never, they like it too much Labour misfits n freaks on the prowl with bags of sweets.

  9. Hellboy_marvel_Wayne43 says:

    Just put them all in the nick. Gary Glitter is probs a member with that c… rolf harris.

  10. StarBOYwayoutwest says:


  11. VilniousChick1997 says:

    how come this is not on the TV? this can not be right 60 of them surely it is wrong.

  12. Desmond$ewisdollar says:

    WOW ! put him in prison wid tha big beasts they will love him in their. hope you get a bashin.

  13. Frankie1970-2012x says:

    I don’t understand why this pig is still running around, he needs castration to protect the little-uns

  14. Eille3001 says:


  15. Wonderfull_world says:

    Hope his balls drop off, disgraceful behaviour by a senior person in charge of an area full of children.

  16. carla cottey says:

    This is Sick…
    And right in line with the Evil One…
    For Their god the devil, Demands This…
    And Everyone in Authority, Will Cover … For their Own Kind!!!
    Rest assured that the Power of our Holy Heavenly Father Cannot be bought!!! nor will He let them off so Easily !!!
    For Every Knee Shall Bow… And Every Younger Confess!!!
    Christ is Lord!!!
    God Bless~

  17. PC Knobby No Neck says:

    Same Judge who would heavily sentence benefit cheats though. How odd. Just goes to show how bent the establishment is

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