Lord of the PIE

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundChild abuse detectives raid Jewish Labour party peer’s office in the House of Lords

Greville Janner’s office raidedOfficers from Leicestershire Police searched Lord Greville Janner’s offfice and have seized computer equipment.

A Labour peer’s office in the House of Lords has been raided as part of an investigation into child rape allegations.

Officers from Leicestershire Police searched Greville Janner’s space in the house of Lords and have removed computer equipment.

Leicestershire Police submitted a dossier of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service in April.

The former QC was named Baron Janner of Braunstone, Leicester, in 1997 after serving as a Labour party MP for 27 years, at Leicester North West then Leicester West.

The raid is part of an investigation concerning Janner’s linkes with the notorious child serial rapist and suspected murderer Frank Beck, who was found guilty of abusing more than 100 children in the 1970s and 1980s.

Lord Longford leaving Number 10 with Porno bookFrank Beck mysteriously died on 31 May 1994, two and a half years after his imprisonment. The then 88-year-old Labour party peer, Lord Longford, caused great controversy by sending flowers to the funeral.

A police spokesman said: “Leicestershire Police can confirm that in March its officers carried out a search of part of the House of Lords in connection with an ongoing enquiry into child sexual abuse.

“A search warrant was ­obtained in advance from a Crown Court Judge and the search was conducted in ­accordance with established House of Lords procedures and monitored by senior officials from the House of Lords.

In December, Leicestershire officers raided Lord Janner’s home in Barnet, North London.

Greville Janner with Uri Geller copyTwo men from Corby, Northamptonshire, aged 69 and 63 are also being questioned in connection with the known offences.

In Beck’s 1991 trial, a 30-year-old man claimed to have been raped by Lord Janner, who was still a Labour Party MP at the time, while he was a child in care. Lord Janner was not ­prosecuted and received cross-party support in the Commons.

The issue of child rapists evading justice rocked the political sphere when ­revelations concerning ex Labour party and Lib dem grandee Cyril Smith emerged.

The late MP, who represented Rochdale, was a regular visitor to Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London, which is now at the centre of a police investigation into child rape and possible murder.

MIDEAST ISRAEL SHARONLord Janner is a prominent campaigner for his Jewish community and was once President of the Board of British Jews.

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4 Responses to Lord of the PIE

  1. Dave1 says:

    I’ve wanted to see this bastard nailed for years.

  2. Shame that most of the paedos in governments are being named only when they are dead, and now governments will sit and at the tax payers expence debate and debate and debate untill the next lot of paedos are dead it has been going on for years, they knew over 30 years ago of Savile and he is just the tip of the iceburge. The British so called Empire is rotton to the core with corruption and the stealing of the children of which the governments own biggest army in the country are the social workers sorry the Cheka and the so called court experts.

  3. Janner went out of his way to rub shoulders with Michael Jackson. There is a picture on google of them together.

  4. I’m loving the site and have just ‘appreciated’ reading your posts on facebook. As you no~doubt already know, ‘all’ the arrests are ‘token’ gestures and the ‘central’ pedophile~rings will remain in place, as they won’t give~up their ‘tradition’ until humans {whom they’ve divided} ‘unite’ and exterminate the type of ‘brain’ which is responsible for countless millions of human murders, throughout history, so that a bunch of child~abusing ‘maniacs’ can ‘feel’ powerful.

    I’m a neuro~scientist who’s worked with serial~killers and pedophiles for many years, both male and female, for insights into their ‘psychology’ and dishonesty and the lesser~known ‘determination’ they have to cause humans P.T.S.D., check out my site, where I expose the ‘ring leaders’ behind our extinction.



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