Labour Leader Willie Smith caught making child rape Images.

Labour25 logo with transparent backgroundCorby-Borough-CouncilA Labour Party Leader for the Corby Council of England has been caught downloading images of children being raped by paedophiles on the internet. Willie Smith was arrested by police after his Child Pornography ‘Stash’ was discovered which was so large it took up the space of Two computers.

Parents in the Kingswood area of Corby are said to be horrified, One parent claimed that she had voted for Labour Councillor Willie Smith and was horrified that she had voted for a man who enjoyed watching and making images of children being sexualy abused by pedophiles.

Police applied for a search warrant for Willie Smith’s home address on the Lloyds Estate where many families live with children. Parents Against paedophiles (PAP) representative for Northampton Angela Clarke commented, ”This takes the Labour paedophile list to 45 now. We aim to push the issue with every school and nursery about Labour party paedophile activities (PIE) by more than Ten previous Labour school governors, to keep them off school councils, organisations and other governing bodies. Labour Party Paedophile Timothy EdmeadesWe informed schools in One area, of paedophile boy scout leader and child rapist Timothy Edmeades upon his release,  within Three months, he was arrested for filming boys under Ten years old in the same area as before.”

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17 Responses to Labour Leader Willie Smith caught making child rape Images.

  1. Ermen says:

    Dear God, this is horrific.

  2. Principle5000 says:

    Evil Sickening Degenerate Symbolic of Modern Britain

  3. maria kennedy says:

    My husbands work colleague put him onto this website Labour25.. never heard of this.. what a media black out on Labour Paedophiles school teacher as well I hope the victims mums get hold of his wotsits !

  4. LillyoftheLakes says:

    That Harriet Harman is involved in all this with Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt, Paedophiles the lot of them. I Never vote labour because of their ‘Magpie’ filth magazine. Rot in hell you beasts.

  5. Eddie@larger says:

    Filthy Bstards. Labour with their packets of sweets again enticing the youngsters.

  6. Alex pint size says:

    I bet this Corby labour party paedophile knows that Harriett Harman?

  7. Wayne in Windermere says:

    I’ve just read the first 5 sections of this site.. just can’t believe it. I got the Labour25 leaflet through the door and my wife said its a hoax… wait ’til she gets home from shopping and I show her this !

    • Mrs Margaret S. says:

      There was a leaflet pinned to our school notice board, I took a photo of it and found this website. all their pics are on it.. 45 of them.. disgusting. Burn in Hellfire Labour nonces.

  8. Fast-cars-r-us says:

    Edmeades lived by us dirty B++++++. He was watching the kids in the Karate Club and they turfed him out. really pissed that someone didn’t spot him. They will give him a job in Toys R Us if they are with Unite Union in there!

  9. Up the Blues says:

    give him a job with Peter Tatchell the peedo. He’ll f@kin love him.

  10. Unison member says:

    stick him with Unison, we dont mind, he can sit with all the other beasts in the office.



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