A taste for little girls (Labour25)

A taste for little girls…. Labour Party Councillor and serial child molesterer Les Sheppard sent to prison for attacking children.

Labour Party Councillor for Doxoe County Durham Les Sheppard has been found guilty of multiple sex attacks on children. His wife who was a Russian interpreter working in Britain, was shocked at what her husband, Labour25 Labour Party paedophile sex attacker had been doing.

Labour Councillor Les or ‘Leslie’ Sheppard as he was known to people, was driving around poor areas where he lived and was parking up where children play. He would entice little girls to ‘go for a ride’ in his car. When the Child got in the car he would drive to a hidden location already planned for what this evil Labour Party paedophile had in mind… Once he was at the secluded location, the child victim would not be able to refuse the depraved attacks made by paedophile Labour Councillor Les Sheppard.

Police urged if any more children attacked by this Labour Paedophile to come forward… and 2 more children did! Paedophile Labour Councillor on the Labour25 list Les Shepperd was found guilty of the molestation of 3 children whom he had molested. The judge gave Labour Party paedophile Councillor for Coxhoe County Durham Les Sheppard 2 years in prison and he was also made to sign the Sex Offenders Register for a further 10 years.

Alarmingly Les Sheppard said to police… ‘I like women.’ The ‘3 women’ he so liked were aged 9 10 & 13yrs old.

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