A Mum’s Campaign for Open Court (Labour25)

Jane Davies of Whitemill, campaign is for greater transparency and public access to the courts and court records. She states new rules and legislation are needed to open the justice system to public view. http://www.unity-injustice.co.uk/campaign_open_court.htm  As highlighted in the link above “nowhere is the problem of court secrecy greater than in the family courts”. Yet the question the public SHOULD be asking is why this is so. The answer lies before the case even gets to court and is much more chilling. Take a look at this-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-BRTsmnDEo Prior to hidden ‘court’ proceeding families numbering in their hundreds have had their children taken. During these so called court cases evidence produced against the parent/s is flimsy and they were not allowed to see, let alone have it examined by an independent expert. What we are in fact seeing is a State out of control. This entity that has functionaries working for it believes it has the authority to take what ever it wants. In the form of police and social workers the State is now stealing our children and they will use the most horrendous terror tactic to do so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEUb9ZR_UD4

However, it does not end with the removal of our children. Children are not safe in state run facilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KRgmn-n5ls&NR=1 “Once the child is removed from its own family the chance of physical or sexual abuse is so much higher. http://homepages.strath.ac.uk/~zns01101/ispcan.htm So why take children if there is no need. There is almost a desire to make them more vulnerable.” http://liverpoolbnp.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/what-are-little-children-made-for/ Our children are being targeted from both sides. Without reason or warning social services can take our children into State custody and into a possible life of abuse, but away from State custody child protection leaves much to be desired. As we well know Labour MP Harriett Harman was complicit in wanting the age of consent abolished and incest decriminalised. While Labour’s Home Secretary Jack Straw is happy to let potential paedophiles walk our streets. Meanwhile, the list of convicted child sex fiends within the Labour Party continues to grow.

Thirteen years of Labour Party rule and its continued dominance at most council levels must raise questions about attitudes towards children and sex. One only needs to take a look at the nature of the National Curriculum since 1997 when Labour came to power. Sex education has become VERY explicit and aimed at 5 year olds!   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1364360/Sex-education-Do-want-5-year-old-child-given-explicit-lessons.html The nature of the traditional family is constantly under attack with the promotion of same sex relationships. Of particular relevance here is the ‘no outsiders’ project http://www.nooutsiders.sunderland.ac.uk/about-the-project that uses books directed at primary school children with titles like King and King and Tango makes three  whose main characters are non-heterosexual. We also see children encouraged to cross dress http://www.chris-uk.org/frocks-and-pompoms-for-primary-school-boys Mike Judge pointed stated “the most disturbing thing is teaching children to resist the values of their parents and grandparents.” While we know this is government backed and schools are urged to use the material to show they are compliant with the Equal Opportunities Act. It has been there festering for a good many years. This type of ‘play’ sounds like perverts in training but is that the idea. Reduce inhibitions, blurring social and gender lines, forgetting parental values. Don’t forget Harman’s uncle was campaigning to free the paedophile child killer Hindley for most of the 70’s. It was during this time that Harman herself was promoting “childhood sexual experiences willingly engaged in with an adult”.

These are not the sort of people to be making policy on the protection of your child, let alone the governing of a country. Please sign the petition below and let your feeling be heard. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/the-secrecy-of-the-family-courts-should-be-lifted-now.html

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    Hang em hi unreal the c. Nts

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