Brothers in Paedophilia?

Former home secretary Jack Straw has said white girls are “easy meat” for sex abuse. Speaking in a BBC interview he was attempting to cover up the horrors of Muslim paedophilic grooming. Straw states “Pakistanis, let’s be clear, are not the only people who commit sexual offences, and overwhelmingly the sex offenders’ wings of prisons are full of white sex offenders.” On this point he may be referring to his 25 convicted Labour colleges. Straw should check the list. Not all of them are white! However, one that is about as ‘white’ as Straw himself would be his own brother William. Unfortunately this sex offender didn’t even receive a custodial sentence.  Sexually molesting a young girl in her bedroom is worth a £750 fine and 5 years on the sex offenders register.

Jack Straw’s 47 year old brother William, a father-of-two, stalked a young girl and sort to gain her attention with ‘tradition’ pervert tricks.  Straw invited the girl to his home to see his new dog (come and see my puppies). Straw rang the girl and visited her home, classic stalking tactics. We are told that the girl is a friend of the family but do 47 year old men regularly have under age family friends.

Mind you the attitude towards children seems to run in the family.     While Home Secretary for the Labour Party Jack Straw allowed Jamie Bulger’s killer John Venables an early release and a new identity. At the time of the trial a fundamental issue was the age of the boy murderers and a question put to the court was if they know right from wrong. Common sense tells me that a 10 year old knows that torturing a 2 year old boy to death is wrong!  It was the majority opinion of the public as well. So the early release of Venables was not viewed favourably. To add insult to injury Venables was later caught with child porn including a video of an 8 year old girl being violently raped. This goes a long way to support the view that perverted minds cannot be rehabilitation.  Naturally the public assumed that Venables locked up for good this time. So why did Straw decided to give him a new identity.

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  1. paul saxon says:

    WHERE IS THE GAURDIAN NEWSPAPER ON THIS STORY? BEING GAURDIAN TO THE LABOUR25 PAEDOPHILES THATS WHERE ! A comment on the Labour25 was removed by the Gaurdian Newspaper for Exposing the Labour25 Paedophiles.

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