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There is a growing concern about the exposure of our children to sexualised material. This matter was brought directly to light by Channel 4’s Sex Education Show in a series of programmes entitled Stop pimping our kids.  A number of the programmes tackle the explicit material that is on view to children whether at home or in the street.  Examples are newsagents WH Smiths, who display porn magazines on lower shelves where toddlers can see them and music television channels who are beaming videos packed with shockingly sexual images into homes throughout the day when children are watching. Clearly we find that the loosing up of licensing laws for example the watershed is having a laps effect on societies morels. There is also a deep sense of hypocrisy running through The Sex Education Show. On the on hand, quite rightly, it calls for an end to the over exposure of our children to sex. It does this by drawing public attention to the plethora of sexually explicit material available to our pre-teens and rightfully exposing those exploiting it. It then brings sex right into our schools, showing children actual naked bodies of men and women and advising on safe sex. Is this really how we prevent pre-teen and teenage pregnancy. Giving out free condoms, advising how to put them on then bringing parents and their children together to talk about their sex life!

Prior to puberty our children are NOT sexual but they are being sexualised. Children’s clothing transforms little girls into sexualised mini adults. Matalan apparently stocks padded bras in the children’s section, and a shop called Shoe Mart has high heels available for 5 year olds. The question the public should be asking is why. Just think of a rape trial were a victim is accused of asking to be raped by the way she was dressed. Are the children deliberately being advertised to paedophiles.

While Home Secretary for the Labour Party Jack Straw allowed Jamie Bulger’s killer John Venables an early release and a new identity.  Venables was later caught with child porn including a video of an 8 year old girl being violently raped. This goes a long way to support the view that perverted minds cannot be rehabilitated.   However, Straw still decided to give him a new identity.

This means there is a potential paedophile that could have been caught still walking the streets.

If these potential and actual paedophiles are walking the streets it shouldn’t be long before they are offered a pole dance from one of these youngsters. I wonder when they move on to lap dancing… A Christian organisation called the Mothers Union made the point that ‘Whilst the pole dancing lessons do require parental attendance to start with, we are concerned that children are being targeted with an activity that, by and large, is part of a male club culture which objectifies women.” Again the child is being prematurely sexualised. Why introduce a piece of equipment even if, as argued, it is for exercise when the connotations’ are so obviously adult in nature. This also gives rise to issues about body image. There are already innumerate magazines supposedly telling young girls how to look, now the fat girl is supposed to swing around a pole! It’s no wonder our children have eating disorders.

Neither is child protection, when properly investigated, offering a proper defence. It would seem that the authorities are more concerned with safeguarding the identity of paedophiles and child molesters than properly securing our children’s safety. Given Harriett Harman’s background, her compliance in wanting the age of consent lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised it is not difficult to draw a Labour initiative behind this sexualisation of our children.

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2 Responses to The ‘pimping’ of our children – Labour25

  1. Your blog is ADMIRABLE!!!

    Have you submitted your knowledge to the Dramatis Personae Index that has researched ‘child protection and family justice’ in the UK and Wales for 3 decades?


    And could you possibly support our petition “The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifeted NOW!” on

    With many thanks in advance,


    • labour25 says:

      Hi Sabrine,
      we will be writing an article on this subject soon and your petition will be included in the links.
      Thanks for your input and kind words.

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